Fan coil cassette EC fan
Cooling capacity: 1,3 to 9,6kW.
Heating capacity: 1,1 to 14kW.

Fan coil cassette units with cooling and heating

  • Versions: 2-pipes, 2-pipes + electric heater and 4-pipes
  • 6 sizes
  • Low energy consumption EC fan: 100% controllable via a 0-10V signal or 3 operating speeds
  • Air flow from 360 to 1598m³/h
  • Integrated condensate drain pump
  • G1 cleanable air filter


Unique design diffusers

The brand new Panasonic IRYS COANDA metallic diffusers offer both a modern design in every kind of interiors and perfect comfort thanks to a strong coanda effect.
Ease of installation and maintenance

Fan coil cassette units benefit from low built-in-heights (max. 328mm) and are perfect for integration into standard 600x600mm ceiling tiles*.
The electrical box and valves are located on the same side, outside of the unit.
Valves and condensate drain pump are factory fitted.
* From P-FQ20 to P-FQ40 with IRYS COANDA diffusers.
Excellent efficiency values

FCEER & FCCOP up to A class when equipped with low energy consumption EC fan(s).
A wide range of controllers

Concerned about the performance of its products and the comfort of its users, Panasonic provides you with a wide range of electronic and electromechanical control systems to optimize the operation of its water terminal units.

Fan coil cassette EC fan

Fan coil cassette water terminal units come in 6 sizes. They are easy to install and benefit from excellent efficiency levels. They are available in 2-pipe or 4-pipe versions; equipped with EC fans.

These octagonal cassettes are lightweight and perfectly fit into false ceilings. They are all equipped with a high performance and silent condensate drain pump and have been designed to receive a 10% fresh air supply (option kit). For an easy maintenance, electrical box and valves are installed on the same side, outside of the unit.

Thanks to their unique design IRYS COANDA diffusers, Fan coil cassette units also offer a quiet and comfortable diffusion. Available in 2 versions (180° or 360° air diffusion), these new refined metallic diffusers allow a strong coanda effect*.
* Standard plastic diffuser also available.


Style and comfort. For a unique design and a strong coanda effect.

1. IRYS COANDA 180: 180° air diffusion.
2. IRYS COANDA 360: 360° air diffusion.