Fan coil comfort AC fan
Cooling capacity: 0,6 to 6,9kW.
Heating capacity: 0,6 to 7,4kW.

Fan coil floor and ceiling units with cooling and heating

  • Versions: 2-pipes, 2-pipes + electric heater and 4-pipes
  • 7 sizes
  • 5-speed AC fan - standard factory set speeds: S1,S3,S5
  • Air flow from 94 to 1064m³/h
  • Configuration: universal installation units (vertical or horizontal) with or without cabinet
  • Left or right water connections
  • Many air inlet/outlet configurations
  • G2 air filter (G3 as an option)


A new casing design

In addition to strengthen the casing and component parts, we created a unique and universal product you can now install either vertically or horizontally.
A refined RAL 9003 painted cabinet also allows an harmonious and smart integration of the units in every kind of interiors.
Highly customisable

Coming with a large range of accessories and options, Fan coil comfort units can be customised to meet exactly all your requirements.
A wide range of controllers

Concerned about the performance of its products and the comfort of its users, Panasonic provides you with a wide range of electronic and electromechanical control systems to optimize the operation of its water terminal units.

Fan coil comfort AC fan

The range comes in 7 sizes, with a wide selection of accessories and configuration options. They offer low sound levels and very good performance. They are sturdy units, easy to install.

Fan coil comfort water terminal units are issued from that development striving to meet customers’ wishes and advices. The design of the casing, associated with a refined cabinet allows an harmonious and smart integration of the units in every kind of interiors. They are the ideal solution to air-condition agreeably and efficiently, hotels, hospitals, offices and other premises, all year long.