Fan coil high static duct AC fan
Cooling capacity: 4,1 to 24,8kW.
Heating capacity: 4,1 to 25kW.

Fan coil high static pressure ductable units with cooling and heating

  • Versions: 2-pipes, 2-pipes + electric heater and 4-pipes
  • 6 sizes
  • 5 or 4-speed AC fan - standard factory set speeds. 07/15/18/21: S1,S3,S5 (5-speed fan motor) and 24/27: S1,S2,S3 (4-speed fan motor)
  • Air flow from 586 to 3451m³/h
  • High available static pressure up to 220Pa
  • Left or right water / electric connections


Highly customisable

Coming with a modular conception and a large range of accessories and options, Fan coil high static duct units can be customised to meet exactly all your requirements.
Ease of installation and maintenance

Fan coil high static duct units have been designed in a compact manner, with low heights (from 227,5 to 430,7 according to the sizes), to make concealed installation as easy as possible. To facilitate the maintenance operations, they also have a direct access to the internal components without removing the ducts.
A wide range of controllers

Concerned about the performance of its products and the comfort of its users, Panasonic provides you with a wide range of electronic and electromechanical control systems to optimize the operation of its water terminal units.

Fan coil high static duct AC fan

Fan coil high static duct water terminal units have been specially designed to meet the job requirements that call for false-ceiling installations and for air distribution by ductwork requiring high static pressure (up to 220Pa).

They are available in 6 sizes, in 2-pipe or 4-pipe versions and equipped with AC fans.

Their modular conception allow for configuration flexibility. Several duct connection types are available for return and discharge (rectangular, circular 3x ø200mm, oblong 3xØ250mm).

For even more flexibility and to cover all possible installations, electrical and water connections can be positioned on the right or left side.

Fan coil high static duct units provide improved acoustic performance in low-speed operation and have reduced dimensions and a low embedded heights.

The condensate drain pan is made from 1mm thick galvanised sheet steel and externally insulated by 2mm thick closed cell polyethylene foam. An optional auxiliary drain pan is available to collect condensates from coil headers.