U - 085/100/115/130 CM, CN, CO

ECOi-W R32 Heat Pump Chiller

Cooling capacity: 84,2 to 135,0kW.
Heating capacity: 86,2 to 137,0kW.
Customizable design gives high flexibility. Wide range of communication protocols fulfill the requirements in hotels, offices, industry applications.

· High seasonal efficiency in cooling and heating
· Eurovent certified
· Ambient temperature operating range: -15 to +48°C in cooling, -15 to +20°C in heating
· Water outlet temperature range: -10 to +18°C in cooling, +20 to +55°C in heating
· Optional acoustically insulating compressor jacket
· Optimised design for service and maintenance
· Simple user friendly control as standard
· Modbus RTU & TCP/IP, BACnet MSTP & IP as standard
· Electronic expansion valves

Technical focus.
· Chiller type: heat pump
· Compressor type (number): Scroll compressors (2)
· Refrigerant type: R32
· Refrigerant circuit: 1
· Fan type (number): axial fan (2), optional EC and high pressure EC fans
· Heat exchanger: stainless steel plate heat exchanger
· Flow switch, water safety & air purge valves included
· Water filter included (mandatory to be installed on site)
· Night mode setting to save energy and reduce noise level
· Water compensation curve control
· Bluefin anti-corrosion coating

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U - 085/100/115/130 CM, CN, CO THREE PHASE
84.2 kW 102.0 kW 121.0 kW 135.0 kW
Power supply (Voltage) V 400 400 400 400
Power supply (Phase) Three phase Three phase Three phase Three phase
Power supply (Frequency) Hz 50 50 50 50
Cooling capacity (1) kW 84,2 102,0 121,0 135,0
Water volume L 7,8 7,8 7,8 7,8
Water connections Inch . . . .

1) Data refers to 7°C leaving chilled water temperature and 35°C condenser air temperature, according EN14511 standard.
2) Following COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 2016/2281 for comfort application chillers.
3) Those are the data with variable flow.
4) Data refers to 45°C leaving warm water temperature and 7°C ambient coil air temperature with 87% R.H., according EN14511 standard.
5) Following COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 813/2013 for low-temperature heat pumps.
6) Sound pressure levels calculated at 10 meters. Sound pressure levels refer to ISO standard 3744 with parallel piped shape.