Petroc college

Barnstaple, Devon, UK
Type of project: New build
Specifying company: Energy Specialists
Installer Company: e-Future Plumbing Year installation: 2012

Background: An eco-house, donated by local builders Loosemore & Son, gives students hands-on experience of training on the latest energy-saving equipment, providing some of the first steps on the ladder to becoming competent installers in the building services industry.

The timber-framed house, containing a Panasonic heat pump, originally designed to have the same layout as a modern home – living areas, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms – has now been adapted to create a training environment with workshops, classrooms and offices.

Building Energy analysis: 
The Panasonic Aquarea T-CAP monobloc system gives students the opportunity to get to grips with the latest heat pump technology. Panasonic’s T-CAP heat pump produces water temperatures of 50 to 55’C and is a super-efficient way of reducing heating costs dramatically by up to 65 per cent. The system achieves an impressive COP (Coefficient of Performance) efficiency of 4.47.    

3rd Party Comments:
“I like the Panasonic Aquarea T-CAP. It is very efficient and quick to heat up. We needed a high temperature heat pump for the job and this was just right. The T-CAP is excellent for retro-fits, coping well with the temperatures necessary to run the radiators in a house of this size, something other heat pumps are not able to do.”  Darren Kirk, of efuture Plumbing and Renewables