Trecobat house builder

Nearly 700 homes are already equipped with Panasonic’s Aquarea; the most comprehensive, versatile and cost-effective range of air-to-water heat pumps on the market.

Trecobat has chosen equip their customers’ homes with the Aquarea Monobloc 6kWh. The decision was based on a combination of ease of installation and commissioning, and the unmatched performance of the Aquarea Range. Particularly compact, this new 6kWh Monobloc model only comprises of an outdoor unit, instead of the extra module usually needed inside the home. This, added to the minimal requirement for accessories, provides the home-owner with a space-saving heating solution and saves installation time for the contractor.

BBC homes are particularly well insulated regardless of their size and therefore do not require high-power heating solutions. Able to achieve a COP rating of 4.74, despite its low consumption capacity, the Aquarea 6kWh Monobloc was chosen as an ideal hot water and heating solution due to its impressive heating and energy efficiency.

With the Aquarea Monobloc all components are combined into one unit: the heat exchanger, a 3-speed hot water circulating pump, 6 litre expansion, safety valve, pressure gauge and 3kW electrical resistance. This together with its proven reduced noise impact ensures maximum comfort even when outside temperatures drop to -15°C. The Aquarea range features heat pumps from 7 to 16 kW, single and three-phase alongside stand-alone and split-units. These high-efficiency heat pumps are designed to also provide cooling in summer.

 In combination with the new Panasonic HR200 sanitary hot water tank, Aquarea units can deliver hot water at a temperature of 55 °C, even at outside temperatures as low as -15°C. The HR200 tank is specially designed for connection to heat pumps, features a 1.8m² surface and is extremely efficient. It therefore ensures that hot water production is conducted in the most energy efficient way.