ECO G GF2 3-Pipe

3-Pipe heat recovery system with simultaneous heating & cooling.

The only 3-Pipe GHP system in Europe, the S Series ECO G GF2 3-Pipe offers even more performance and outstanding features when you need simultaneous heating and cooling. Now with capacities available from 16HP to 25HP, Panasonic offers the greatest choice and flexibility to solve any power problem or site requirement.
Excellent performance
Panasonic 3-Pipe Multi system is capable of simultaneous heating/cooling and individual operation of each indoor unit by only one outdoor unit. As a result, efficient individual air conditioning is possible in buildings having diverse room temperatures.

Power supply problems?
If you are short of electrical power, our gas heat pump could be the perfect solution:
  • Runs on natural gas or LPG and just needs Single Phase supply
  • Enables the building’s electrical power supply to be used for other critical electrical demands
  • Reduces capital cost to upgrade power substations to run heating and cooling systems
  • Reduces power loadings within a building especially during peak periods
  • Electricity supply freed up for other uses such as IT servers, commercial refrigeration, manufacturing, lighting etc.

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