Panasonic Introduces ZY Series to its Advanced Energy Recovery Ventilation Range


Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions is launching its new Advanced Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) ZY Series. The new series consists of an extended 9 model line-up including a 2000 m3/h model, all integrated with DC motors with independent control setting for air supply and exhaust.

An ERV is essential to buildings to provide fresh filtered air inside. Through its ventilation system it ensures the air is not contaminated nor contain any odours potentially penetrating the new supply of air. Beneficial for those in warm and colder climates, it can allow for a correct level of humidity through the winter months where the air is dryer and maintains this air through the warmer months. 

The units possess an external static pressure (ESP) advancing up to 150 Pa with an F7 grade filter built-in as standard. In addition to this, the new ZY series has an impressive recovery power of up to 83% of heat exchange efficiency. This high recovery rate further optimises cost and can be considered a sustainable solution.

Incorporated into the new models is two backdraft shutters, unique to Panasonic. Its key role is to prevent air flowing in the wrong direction when the ERV is turned off and not operating. 

Additionally, the ERV has three connection options available: group control with a maximum of two ERV systems, direct connection to field supply switch, and ERV operation in conjunction with heating and cooling systems. 

The ZY series also introduces a new remote controller. Information is clearly visible through a black light and white background whilst also containing a backbox as standard. The controller is available to be integrated with BMS through the RS485 terminal.