Unlock the Future of Heating and Cooling with Panasonic’s Aquarea Heat Pump Range


Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions’ range of Aquarea air-to-water heat pumps offer a high performing and energy efficient solution in any home and light commercial applications. Visitors at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort can explore the Aquarea ranges firsthand at Panasonic’s booth (Stand A29+B12, Hall 5).


Panasonic’s Aquarea heat pumps are an innovative low-energy system, designed to provide ideal temperatures and hot water in the home, even with extreme outdoor temperatures. With many units to choose from, the Aquarea Range offers a wide choice with capacities ranging from 3 kW to 30 kW to ensure the most appropriate choice for your home - whatever the size.

The Aquarea range is an ideal choice for both new build and refurbishment projects, offering cost-effective solutions with minimal environmental impact. With heat pump technology emerging as the forefront of heating and cooling solutions, its inclusion on the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Blue Map is significant. This initiative aims to reduce CO2 emissions to half of 2005 levels by 2050, perfectly aligning with Panasonic’s Environmental Vision 2050, which strives to create a carbon-free society.


In line with these environmental goals, Panasonic's latest ranges utilise R290 natural refrigerant, which boast a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of just 3. This makes it a powerful alternative to traditional fossil fuel heating methods, which are known to be harmful to the environment.


Panasonic’s Aquarea air-to-water range of heat pumps includes:


Aquarea M

The M Series is the latest addition to the Aquarea heat pump range, utilising R290 refrigerant for a sustainable focus. With its modular design, this series offers versatile application choices, featuring various indoor units and flexible control options including a full Control Box or Remote-only setup.


The M Series excels in performance, even in harsh outdoor conditions, delivering up to 75°C water outlet temperature at -15°C outside temperature and providing 55°C hot water at -25°C outside temperature. Efficient, adaptable, and environmentally friendly, the Aquarea M Series sets a new standard for heating solutions.


Panasonic is pleased to announce its latest addition to the M Series: the new Big Aquarea T-CAP M Series heat pump. Offering advanced scalability options, the Big Aquarea M Series is available in sizes ranging from 20 – 30 kW, with the capability to scale up to 300 kW in cascade. Up to 10 units can be seamlessly connected, providing sophisticated flexibility in system design.


Aquarea L

The L Series heat pumps harness the power of the natural refrigerant R290, ensuring sustainability while delivering water outlet temperatures of up to 75°C even in temperatures as low as -10°C. Designed for retrofit applications, the Aquarea L Series boasts an impressive SCOP of up to 5.12, offering outstanding efficiency. With a practical hydraulic split design, installation of the units is quick and easy, making them a convenient choice for a variety of settings.


The award-winning heat pumps have been recognised in the Good Design Awards, iF Design Awards and The Red Dot Awards, all highlighting the outstanding design of the heat pumps, aesthetically as well as functionally.


Aquarea K

Panasonic’s Aquarea K Series is a low-energy system for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production that delivers outstanding performance. The Aquarea K heat pumps have a high energy efficiency for heating and hot water, supplying water outlet temperatures up to 60⁰C.  Utilising R32 refrigerant, it is an ideal solution for any new installations and well-insulated homes due to its reduced noise levels and enhanced comfort and efficiency.  


More than Heat Pumps

Panasonic is presenting a new smart fancoil prototype exclusively at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort, with a brand-new design. It will also be showcasing cross flow ventilation units with a variety of size choices and formats to adapt to each house. Both smart fancoils and residential ventilation come with advanced wireless connectivity options.


Smart Control

Panasonic’s Aquarea range comes with remote control options for end users and installers. The Aquarea Smart Cloud offers end users an IoT solution to enhance comfort and manage energy consumption effortlessly. With remote control capabilities, users can access and monitor their Aquarea Heat Pumps from anywhere, ensuring comfort and control at their fingertips.


The Aquarea Service Cloud enhances functionality by enabling installers to remotely manage their customers’ heating and cooling systems. Advanced functions ensure it saves time, money and response times, thus increasing customer satisfaction.


Discover Panasonic’s Heating & Cooling Aquarea range at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort on Panasonic’s booth - Stand A29+B12, Hall 5.