Panasonic and tado° join forces to offer smart heat pump solutions to accelerate decarbonisation of European homes


tado° and Heating & Ventilation A/C Company of Panasonic Corporation are today unveiling a new partnership combining state-of-the-art heat pump products and technology with market-leading smart heating control and energy management services, as part of both companies’ mission to decarbonize homes and help customers to save on energy costs.


Customers will benefit from specifically tailored heat pump management software that optimizes their Panasonic heat pump settings automatically and shifts its electricity demand to times when renewable energy is available and prices are low.


Partnering for a green energy future

With this partnership, Panasonic, the leading air-to-water heat pump brand globally and in Europe, aims to accelerate its global commitment “Panasonic Green IMPACT" to achieve both a better life and a sustainable global environment by creating impact from actions that reduce and avoid CO2 emissions of its operations and those of society, while working towards a circular economy.


For tado°, the leading provider of home climate control and energy management solutions, the partnership is a major step towards achieving its mission to accelerate the green energy transition in Europe.


Joint offer for optimized heat pump efficiency and increased comfort

Panasonic and tado° are joining forces to bring state-of-the-art AQUAREA heat pump technology and leading multi-room control and energy management services to every heat pump home. The vision of this partnership is for heat pump customers to achieve unprecedented levels of energy efficiency while optimizing their comfort at room level. Together, the two companies also will offer the AQUAREA heat pump products with specifically tailored management software that is capable of automatically optimizing the device’s settings. It will also allow homeowners to take advantage of lower electricity prices by shifting when they use it to times when there is more renewable energy available. Customers in Germany and Austria will also be offered tado°s dynamic aWATTar energy tariffs to further reduce their heating bills.


This partnership will help make heat pumps more affordable and attractive because the energy savings will help offset the up front investment more quickly, while making strides in cutting a home's carbon footprint.


Christian Deilman, co-founder and CPO at tado° said: “We need to super-charge the green energy transition. Heat pumps are highly efficient climate-friendly heating systems and we are excited to work with Panasonic because the savings made through our cutting-edge home energy management solutions means customers recoup their initial financial outlay more quickly. By making heat pumps more affordable, we will help families move to climate-friendly heating faster.”


Masaharu Michiura, President of the Heating & Ventilation A/C Company of Panasonic Corporation, stated that “Through this collaboration with tado°, we will further accelerate our Panasonic Green IMPACT initiative, which Panasonic Group is committed to contributing to both comfortable living and a sustainable environment on the planet.”



Panasonic and tado° aim to launch the innovative AQUAREA air-to-water heat pump and tado° multi-room control bundle including the smart energy management software in selected European markets this coming winter to achieve market-leading energy savings and comfort. The launch date and details of the joint offering will be communicated in the coming months.



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About tado°

tado° is the European leader in intelligent home climate management and provider of energy management solutions for residential buildings. As the only cross-manufacturer platform, tado° Smart Thermostats and services connect with any kind of heating or cooling system. Customers benefit from energy-saving technology such as Geofencing and Open Window Detection as well as dynamic energy offerings. Founded in Munich, 2011, and with 200 employees, tado° reshapes the way energy is consumed for more comfort, savings, and in sync with nature.