Elevating Comfort and Efficiency: Panasonic’s Next-Generation Commercial Heating & Cooling Solutions


Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions is committed to providing commercial applications with the highest quality heating and cooling solutions for maximum performance. Its wide range of solutions can be found on Panasonic’s booth at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (Stand A29+B12, Hall 5).


Big PACi NX & High-Pressure Splitable Duct

Panasonic has expanded its PACi NX range with the introduction of the Big PACi NX, now boasting up to 20,0 - 25,0 kW capacities. The Big PACi NX is designed to deliver unmatched performance in a compact package. Ideal for space-restricted commercial and industrial settings, this innovative solution is perfect for retrofit projects, with a 3-wire connection designed to make refurbishment even easier. The range maintains it’s single-fan design across all unit capacities, from 2,5 kW up to 25 kW, and has a long piping length of up to 100m.


Additionally, the new High-Pressure Splitable Duct indoor unit will be available from autumn 2024. This splitable duct is designed for easy installation and is equipped with Panasonic's maintenance-free nanoe™ X Mark 3 technology. By producing hydroxyl radicals, the nanoe™ X Mark 3 improves indoor air quality by effectively neutralising pollutants, viruses, bacteria, and odours, providing a clean and refreshing environment.


Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Recognising the importance of air hygiene in today’s world, Panasonic offers a range of innovative solutions to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) in commercial settings. As well as its innovative nanoe™ X air purifying technology, Panasonic presents its energy recovery ventilator (ERV) range, including the Advanced ERV ZY. The range provides an extended 9 model line-up of up to 2.000m³/h and has a maximum External Static Pressure (ESP) of up to 150 Pa for flexible installation. It also has an F7 grade filter built-in as standard.


Panasonic’s HRPT Series for VRF is its new Energy Recovery Ventilation with DX Coil. The HPRT Series is specifically designed for ECOi (VRF) 2 pipe systems, suitable for commercial applications or collective residential buildings, offering highly efficient heat recovery of up to 86,6%. It’s an ideal solution to achieve the highest energy certification for buildings. The series features 2 types of polypropylene heat exchanger (high efficiency and sensible), and also has Modbus connection available.


Panasonic introduces new Air Handling Unit (AHU) connection kits for mini ECOi systems. It features a space-saving compact size with a durable IP65 casing. Achieve accurate control with a pressure transducer and direct Modbus communication without additional interfaces.


Panasonic’s new air pollutant filter is an optional additional feature designed for Panasonic’s adaptive ducted indoor unit. The new solution filters for certain types of pollutants, such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2), nitrogenoxides (NOX) and Ozone (O3), which often find its way inside from polluted outdoor air. The filter is the ideal solution for improving IAQ in urban areas.


20HP Cold Chain Refrigeration Condensing Units

Panasonic proudly presents the next step in R744 technology, in the form of its new 20HP cold chain refrigeration condensing units in Medium Temperate / Low Temperature (MT/LT) models, a highly efficient multi compressor solution. The new addition complements the existing range of 2HP, 4HP and 10HP systems and allows for a solution to suit a wider range of light commercial applications. These cutting-edge units are engineered to redefine industry standards and address environmental concerns by replacing refrigerants such as R404a, that has a GWP of 3922 as opposed to R744 having a GWP of only 1, making it a more sustainable solution.


The units offer a high degree of flexibility with extended pipe runs of up to 100m plus has a compact footprint of only 1.06m2, reducing the need for larger plant spaces.


Visit Panasonic at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (Stand A29+B12, Hall 5) to discover these innovations and more.