Panasonic Leads the Future of Heat Pumps with Advanced R290 A2W Aquarea M Series


Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions is introducing its latest generation of Aquarea air-to-water heat pumps with the new M Series. Thanks to its new, modular concept, the M Series allows for more application choices offering different indoor units, available in All-in-One and Bi-Bloc, as well as full Control Box or Remote-only basic functionality options. The advanced new system utilises the natural refrigerant R290 for a more sustainable solution and includes Panasonic’s first T-CAP R290 outdoor unit that features a new injection compressor. The M Series also has a hydraulic connection between indoor and outdoor units for simple and straightforward installation without the need for F-gas certification.

Flexible and suit to all lifestyles

With its cutting-edge design, the M Series offers a range of flexible installation options. New to the M series, the outdoor unit can function as a standalone system with just an indoor remote control, making it an ideal choice for those seeking basic functionalities. Homeowners can opt for enhanced functionality by incorporating the more advanced Control Box or also selecting between a Bi-bloc or All-in-One system. This range of choices allows the Aquarea M Series to cater to a variety of functionality needs and property types, ensuring a tailored solution for every user.

Natural refrigerant

With sustainability at the forefront of its innovations, Panasonic is utilising the natural refrigerant R290 in its newest series thanks to its low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of just 3, meaning it has a lower environmental impact when released into the atmosphere compared to other refrigerants and allows for a more energy efficient solution. Panasonic’s state-of-the-art engineering maximises safety regarding R290 requirements, with the M Series incorporating a non-flammable control box, air/refrigerant separator, and a power box containing ground cable with sealed connections for peace of mind.

Efficient performance 

The M Series delivers impressive performance, even in extreme outdoor conditions, offering a maximum water outlet temperature of 75°C at -10°C outside temperature and the ability to supply 55°C hot water at -25°C outside temperature. The T-CAP outdoor units maintain heating capacity down to outdoor temperatures of -20°C and can work down to -28°C. This makes it ideal for retrofit projects and renovations requiring high water temperatures for radiators. Additionally, it can reach a domestic hot water temperature of up to 65°C without a heater and allows water tank sterilisation without the need for a backup heater.

The M Series features an enhanced design with an anti-vibration structure, redesigned chassis, and optimized fan speed to reduce noise levels, ensuring a comfortable and peaceful environment. The units maintain a low ErP sound value, a minimum of 53B(A) , which can be reduced even more in ‘super quiet mode’ operation, minimising disruption in any setting.

The M Series outdoor units features Panasonic’s unique and reliable R290 scroll compressor technology. Its new compressor logic allows the units to maximise capacity at lower outdoor temperatures.

Pleasing design 

The T-CAP outdoor units now come in a stylish anthracite grey design, seamlessly blending into any setting. Its All-in-One units offer the ultimate space saving solution for any home, with a small footprint of just 598 x 600 mm and can be neatly lined up with other big appliances like a refrigerator and/or washing machine to reduce the space required for installation. It can also be installed with a ventilation unit on top thanks to its low height.

Simple connectivity

The systems come with a brand-new control box that allows for flexible installation and simple internet connection through the new front panel. For additional ease, the M Series remote controller has been designed in harmony with the whole system, with optimised user interface and improved features. This includes water pressure reading on the home-screen for convenience, cost effective bivalent mode with power tariff logic, and a dual controller system for independent control of two zones within the home .

The systems have the ability for smart control and energy consumption monitoring. Aquarea Service Cloud is available for installers and maintenance companies, allowing real-time remote supervision of a fleet of installations for increased customer satisfaction. For end users, the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App is available for easy and intuitive energy management with convenient remote control of the full range of heating and hot water functions.