New Panasonic GHP/EHP Hybrid System

First intelligent technology
Taking an advantage of Gas and Electricity to achieve better energy saving ever.


Master unit GHP


Slave Unit EHP


U-20GE3SE5 (20HP).
· Load calculation of GHP&EHP
· Operation in accordance with the upper limit setting.
· Individual capacity control
· Device control
· Special control (Defrost, Oil recovery, 4Way-valve matching / Abnormality processing)
U-10MS2E8 (10HP).

· Demand monitoring
· Indoor/Total load calculation
· Operation Ratio Indication upper limit setting of MAP according to:
- Energy unit price
- Electric power demand
- Air conditioning load
Schematic of GHP/EHP Hybrid System
World first!* Unified refrigerant cycle in ghp and ehp

A. Refrigerant piping
B. Control wiring
C. Gas pulse
D. Electric power pulse
E. GHP and EHP Multi System

* Introduced as a world first technology by Panasonic in April 2016.
Peak cut of electricity consumption
Electrical peak demand is significantly reduced thanks to GHP system consuming only 10% of electricity of EHP system.

Electric power usage
A. Electric power demand
B. Cooling / heating electric power
C. Lighting, elevator, etc.
D. Time
E. Hybrid System Significant reduction
G. Hybrid

* Image of Hotel project.
Optimal control to maximize energy saving
Switching the operation between GHP and EHP system on the basis of usage, energy demand, part load.

Optional control method
A. Electric motor only
B. Gas engine only
C. Hybrid operation
1. Equipment efficiency
2. Low efficiency regions
3. Air conditioning load ratio

* Specification is tentative.
Free Hot Water production by GHP system
Hot water is effectively produced from waste heat of engine.

Electric power usage
A. Air to Air indoor units
B. Water pipe
C. Free hot water from waste heat of engine

* Specification is tentative.