TKEA Wandgeräte (Professional) | Kühlbetrieb bis –20 °C | R32

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Complete line-up with high efficiency even at -20°C.

This Wall Mounted air conditioner is especially designed for professional applications such as computer rooms where cooling inside the room is necessary even when the outside temperature is low. Furthermore this air conditioner has an automatic changeover system, in order to maintain the inside temperature even when sharp outside temperature changes occur.

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Technische Daten

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TKEA Wandgeräte (Professional) | Kühlbetrieb bis –20 °C | R32
2.50 kW
Heating capacity at -7°C kW 3,33
Indoor power source V 230
Indoor recommended fuse A 16
Indoor connection indoor / outdoor mm² 4 x 1,5
Indoor air flow (Cool) m³/min 10,4
Indoor air flow (Heat) m³/min 11,7
Indoor sound pressure (Cool -Hi) (4) dB(A) 39
Indoor sound pressure (Cool -Lo) (4) dB(A) 25
Indoor sound pressure (Cool -Q-Lo) (4) dB(A) 21
Indoor sound pressure (Heat -Hi) (4) dB(A) 41
Indoor sound pressure (Heat -Lo) (4) dB(A) 27
Indoor sound pressure (Heat -Q-Lo) (4) dB(A) 22
Outdoor sound pressure (Cool -Hi) (4) dB(A) 46
Outdoor sound pressure (Heat -Hi) (4) dB(A) 48
Outdoor dimension (Height) (5) mm 619
Outdoor dimension (Width) (5) mm 824
Outdoor dimension (Depth) (5) mm 299
Elevation difference (in/out) (6) m 15

(1) EER and COP calculation is based in accordance to EN14511.
(2) Energy Label Scale from A+++ to D.
(3) The annual energy consumption is calculated in accordance to EU/626/2011.
(4) The sound pressure of the indoor unit shows the value measured of a position 1 m in front of the main body and 0,8 m below the unit. For outdoor unit 1 m in front and 1 m in rear side of main body. The sound pressure is measured in accordance with JIS C 9612. Q-Lo: Quiet mode. Lo: The lowest set fan speed.
(5) Add 70 mm for piping port.
(6) When installing the outdoor unit at a higher position than the indoor unit.

* Only one of these can be used at a time.