UFE Mini-Standtruhen | R32

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Floor Console. Efficient comfort and clean air all year round.

Floor Console with new nanoe™ X technology: outstanding efficiency A++, comfort (Super Quiet technology only 20 dB(A)) and healthy air combined in a breakthrough design.

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UFE Mini-Standtruhen | R32
2.5 kW
Cooling capacity (Nominal) kW 2,50
Cooling capacity (Min) kW 0,85
Cooling capacity (Max) kW 3,40
EER (Nominal) (1) W/W 4,81
EER (Min) (1) W/W 3,54
EER (Max) (1) W/W 3,78
SEER (2) 7,90 A++
Pdesign (cooling) kW 2,50
Input power cooling (Nominal) kW 0,52
Input power cooling (Min) kW 0,24
Input power cooling (Max) kW 0,90
Annual energy consumption cooling (3) kWh/a 111,00
Heating capacity (Nominal) kW 3,40
Heating capacity (Min) kW 0,85
Heating capacity (Max) kW 5,00
Heating capacity at -7°C kW 2,88
COP (Nominal) (1) W/W 4,47
COP (Min) (1) W/W 3,54
COP (Max) (1) W/W 3,70
SCOP (2) 4,60 A++
Pdesign at -10°C kW 2,70
Input power heating (Nominal) kW 0,76
Input power heating (Min) kW 0,24
Input power heating (Max) kW 1,35
Annual energy consumption heating (3) kWh/a 822
Indoor unit CS-Z25UFEAW
Indoor power source V 230
Indoor air flow (Cool) m³/min 9,6
Indoor air flow (Heat) m³/min 9,9
Moisture removal volume L/h 1,5
Indoor sound pressure (Cool -Hi) (4) dB(A) 38
Indoor sound pressure (Cool -Lo) (4) dB(A) 25
Indoor sound pressure (Cool -Q-Lo) (4) dB(A) 20
Indoor sound pressure (Heat -Hi) (4) dB(A) 38
Indoor sound pressure (Heat -Lo) (4) dB(A) 25
Indoor sound pressure (Heat -Q-Lo) (4) dB(A) 19
Indoor dimension (Height) mm 600
Indoor dimension (Width) mm 750
Indoor dimension (Depth) mm 207
Indoor net weight kg 13
nanoe X Generator Mark 1
Outdoor unit CU-Z25UBEA
Outdoor power source V 230
Outdoor recommended fuse A 16
Outdoor connection indoor / outdoor mm²
Outdoor air flow (Cool) m³/min 28,7
Outdoor air flow (Heat) m³/min 27,2
Outdoor sound pressure (Cool -Hi) (4) dB(A) 46
Outdoor sound pressure (Heat -Hi) (4) dB(A) 47
Outdoor dimension (Height) (5) mm 542
Outdoor dimension (Width) (5) mm 780
Outdoor dimension (Depth) (5) mm 289
Outdoor net weight kg 33
Pipe diameter (Liquid) Inch (mm) 1/4 (6,35)
Pipe diameter (Gas) Inch (mm) 3/8 (9,52)
Pipe length range m 3 ~ 20
Elevation difference (in/out) (6) m 15
Pipe length for additional gas m 7,5
Additional gas amount g/m 10
Refrigerant (R32) / CO2 Eq. kg / T 0,88 / 0,594
Operating range (Cool - Min) °C -10
Operating range (Cool - Max) °C +43
Operating range (Heat - Min) °C -15
Operating range (Heat - Max) °C +24

(1) EER and COP calculation is based in accordance to EN14511.
(2) Energy Label Scale from A+++ to D.
(3) The annual energy consumption is calculated in accordance to EU/626/2011.
(4) The sound pressure of the units shows the value measured of a position 1 m in front of the main body and 1 m above floor. The sound pressure is measured in accordance with JIS C 9612. Q-Lo: Quiet mode. Lo: The lowest set fan speed.
(5) Add 70 mm for piping port.
(6) When installing the outdoor unit at a higher position than the indoor unit.