Concentration Simulator

See how nanoe™ X fills the space

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nanoe™ X Concentration Simulator lets you see the distribution of nanoe™ X over time and learn its concentration level with expected benefits.

Huge amount of nanoe™ X are distributed by the air flow of air conditioners and air purifier to actively fill the entire space. They create the certain level of concentration, based on the size of the space.

nanoe™ X can inhibit certain bacteria and viruses, molds, allergens, pollens, and hazardous substances, as well as deodorizing.

They are all invisible but pollutants are existing around you and nanoe™ X reacts on them.

The decisive factors are the hydroxyl radicals.

The more amount of hydroxyl radicals are generated, the more benefits are expected.

*The result is based on the conditions for the simulation and it may differ from the concentration measured in an actual room.