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Each of Us Breathes in 18 Kilograms of Air a Day

nanoe X generating mechanism

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A cleaner home for your family

A more comfortable guest environment

Grow your business with cleaner air

Case studies

Riverdale Dental Practice

Super market: Ametller Origen

Home: Goodbye asthma spray

Improved air quality for patient comfort in a dental clinic

College of doctors

Panasonic VRF Air Conditioning System - Albert Hotel Case Study


Effect of nanoe

nanoe X pollen inhibition effect

nanoe X bacteria & virus inhibition effect

nanoe X PM 2.5 inhibition effect

nanoe X allergen inhibition effect

nanoe X mould inhibition effect

nanoe X deodorising effect

nanoe X moisturising effect

nanoe X effects

Miniature world

What is Nanoe Technology?

How small is nanoe?

Nanoe Technology Benefit: Deodorizing

Nanoe Technology Benefit: Moisturizing

01 What is nanoe?

02 nanoe vs nanoeX?

03 nanoe Technology Inhibits Bacteria

04 nanoe Technology Deodorizes

05 nanoe Technology Moisturizes

06 How small is nanoe

07 nanoe is Full of Moisture


Japanese Technology at Work

nanoe™ Technology: Bacteria - Panasonic

nanoe™ Technology: Odour - Panasonic

nanoe™ Technology: Allergen - Panasonic

nanoe™ Technology: Mould - Panasonic

nanoe™ Technology: Pollen - Panasonic

nanoe™ Technology: Hazardous Substances - Panasonic

AERO Series - nanoe™ Technology for Homes

SKY Series - nanoe™ Technology for Homes