How to make an office a fresh and confortable space

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The comfortable workplace your employees deserve

Clean air plays an important role in supporting productivity, focus, and well-being at work.

Improve your air quality with 24-hour nanoe™ X purification.

24-hour nanoe™ X Improving Protection.

Keeping you safer indoors

nanoe™ X protects your employees from some of the most common issues.

Issue: Odours at work.

Sharing space means sharing smells too.

In open office environments, it’s easy for odours to make working difficult.

Solution: Where nanoe™ X comes in.

Minimise unpleasant odours.

When a lot of people come together to work, there are bound to be odours, from summer perspiration to the smell of food. nanoe™ X technology acts on the chemical substances that cause these smells, breaking them down, mitigating their effects, and creating a more pleasant work environment for everyone.

How nanoe™ X eliminates smells

nanoe™ X reaches odours embedded in fabrics.

Hydroxyl radicals inhibit odour-causing substances.

Fabrics are deodorised.

A better environment all round with nanoe™ X

Inhibits pollen all year long.

It’s hard to work when hay fever comes around, and for some the symptoms can be quite severe. nanoe™ X inhibits 13 varieties of pollen found around the world, so staff can work in comfort.

24-hour nanoe™ X Protection.

nanoe™ X provides 24-hour purification, so that your workspace will be clean and ready at all times.