Range of Fan Coil units

Easy to install, improved sound level and performance.

Easy to install, improved sound level and performance. New Fan Coil range consist on one compact ducted range ideal for residential and commercial use and one model with high static pressure for commercial applications. The range certified by Eurovent includes drain pan and filter and are equipped with a low consumption fan motor.
The new D type is even more flexible thanks to L Drain pan, same unit can be installed in both Horizontal or in Vertical position.


Innovation for an optimum comfort


Low energy
consumption fan


Quality and efficient Coil


Flexible vertical - horizontal installation

Fan Coil controller PAW-FC-RC1

This advance control can bring higher level of comfort in heating. The sensor can be used as water flow sensor, stopping the fan when low water temperature, avoiding cold drafts in winter.
Also is ready to use J Generation new feature of defrost mode and stop the Fan Coil.

· Room thermostat
· 3 outputs, 230V relays for fan control
· 2 outputs, 230V relays for heating / cooling control
· Modbus RTU slave
· 1 DI for presses detection (key card switch)
· 1 AI for sensor