Aquarea High Performance 

For new installations and low consumption homes. 

Key points of the line-up
· Improved performance with COPs up to 5,33 for J Generation 3kW
· Reduced energy consumption through our circulating pump with energy efficiency class “A”
· Remote controller functions added: Auto mode, holiday mode, power consumption display

Panasonic has designed the Aquarea Bi‑bloc and Mono‑bloc heat pumps for homes which have high performance requirements. Whatever the weather, Aquarea can work even at -20 °C! The Aquarea is easy to install on new or existing installations, in all types of properties.
High Performance helps you to meet strict building requirements and reduce building costs
The heating and production of domestic hot water have a very important impact on the energy consumption of a house. Efficient Panasonic heat pumps can help to significantly reduce the energy consumption of the house.
High Performance Heat Pumps are also highly efficient 
(take the KIT-ADC03JE5 for example)

1. At -15 °C*
2. At -7 °C*
3. At 2 °C*
4. At 7 °C*

B. Heating capacity
1. At -15 °C*
2. At -7 °C*
3. At 2 °C*
4. At 7 °C*

* Heating water at 35 °C.

Standard circulating pumps vs our circulating pump with energy efficiency class “A”

Panasonic created a night mode to reduce the noise when it’s needed

Comparison of energy consumption of circulation pumps. Circulating pump with energy efficiency class “A” with Dynamic flow control for 5 kW Mono‑bloc.

1. 75 W Standard pumps
47 W Aquarea circulating pump with energy efficiency class “A”
Equivalent to 100 €/year saving*

* Based on German market: Assuming Standard pump may vary depending on consumption and energy cost.

Special attention has been given to noise levels.

1. Noise level dB(A) *
2. Normal mode
3. Panasonic Quiet Mode **
4. -5 dB(A) **

* Sound pressure measured at 1 m from the outdoor unit and at 1,5 m height.
** At standard condition working at heating capacity at 7 °C (heating water at 35 °C) for two fans outdoor units. For one fan outdoor units, night mode reduction is 3 dB(A).

High Performance J Generation keeps 60 °C water outlet temperature even at very low temperatures

Aquarea High performance J Generation is able to keep 60 °C water outlet temperature in outdoor temperatures down to -10 °C, keeping high comfort in the room even at low temperatures. With other heat pumps, water temperature dramatically drops at low outdoor temperatures, making the heat pump to work out of the design conditions and creating discomfort inside the room.

A. Maximum water outlet temperature (°C)
B. Outdoor ambient temperature (°C)

1. Other heat pumps
2. Aquarea High Performance J Generation