Air conditioning system: Air to air heat pump

  • From 1 to 5 indoor units with a single outdoor unit
  • Indoor units: wall mounted, cassette, ducted and floor standing systems
  • Heating and cooling reliable operation in any climate conditions
  • Compact and nice design suitable for any home
  • Improve your surroundings with superquiet operation
  • Adjust power to suit your living spaces and styles

Domestic benefits

Great savings and improved wellness

Highest comfort with a very small energy cost, creating a healthy air, free of viruses, bacteria, pollen and odours.

Wide range of products

From 1X1 to 5x1 solutions. It doesn’t matter which your need is. Panasonic offers the better solution to get the best clima in your home.

Outstanding comfort all year round

Heating in winter, cooling in summer and cleaning the ambience during the whole year.