R22 Renewal.

Panasonic standard units can be installed on existing R22 pipings.

An important drive to further reduce the potential damage to our ozone.

· No need for additional accessories (only pipe reductions)

· Approximately 30 % energy savings compared to R22 units

Panasonic is doing its part.

We at Panasonic are also doing our part – recognising that all finances are under pressure at the moment. Panasonic has developed a clean and cost effective solution to enable this latest legislation to be introduced with as minimum an effect on businesses and cash reserves as possible.
The Panasonic renewal system allows good quality existing R22 pipe work to be re-used whilst installing new high efficiency R410A/R32 systems.
By bringing a simple solution to the problem Panasonic can renew all Split Systems and PACi systems; and depending upon certain restrictions we don’t even limit the manufacturer’s equipment we are replacing.
By installing a new high efficiency Panasonic R410A/R32 system you can benefit from around 30% running cost saving compared to the R22 system.
1. Check the capacity of the system you wish to replace
2. Select from the Panasonic range the best system to replace it with
3. Follow the procedure detailed in the brochure and technical data

R22 - The reduction of Chlorine critical for a cleaner future.

Deterioration Criteria for Refrigerant Oil.

Guidance on re-using of existing R22 piping for a new R410A installation

1. Precaution.
The existing R22 piping can be re-used for a R410A system installation if the following conditions are met and the piping are finally verified to be:
· Dry (no moisture remained in the piping)
· Clean (no dust remained in the piping)
· Tight (no refrigerant leak at the joining and piping)

2. Conditions.
· Recover the refrigerant and oil. Operate “force cooling” according to the recommended operation time, regardless of the piping length. Single split: 10min. Multi split: 30min. After that, carry out “pump down” to recover the refrigerant and oil from the existing R22 system
* Note: If pump down operation is not possible due to the malfunction of the system, flush and wash the existing piping to collect back the oil and dirt inside the system.

· Check the oil condition: If the oil contains dirt, wash the existing pipes
· Check the oil color: After pump down, use a cotton bud to wipe the oil from the existing pipe. If the oil color is higher than ASTM3, use a new pipe as re-use of old piping is not allowed
· Check pipe thickness: Make sure that the pipe thickness is more than 0,8mm. If the thickness is less than 0,8mm, use a new pipe
· Rework the flare for R410A connection: Do not reuse the old flare nuts. Make sure to use the new flare nuts attached to the R410a system
*Note: If the existing piping size is 1/4” (6,35mm) and 1/2” (12,7mm), and the new R410A system is 1/4” and 3/8” (9,52mm), use a pipe reducer connected at indoor and outdoor unit.

3. Applicable Model.
Panasonic single split room air conditioner from CS/CU-RE/UE/YE/XE/CE/NE/E*NKE and PKE series onwards.
Panasonic multi split room air conditioner from CU-2E/3E/4E/5PBE series onwards.
Standard piping connection with current piping length and refrigerant charge rules.
This combinations is allowed respecting maximum piping length and refrigerant charged declared in model installed as new.
This combinations is not allowed as it is out of piping diameter.