Panasonic HVAC Ensures Comfort in Car Showroom

Chingford. United Kingdom


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Outdoor units:
Indoor units: Triple Split Cassette system and nanoe X

Motorpoint, the UK’s largest independent car retailer, was looking to improve year-round comfort for visitors to its store in Chingford in North East London. Panasonic distributor, AMP Air, worked with CSD Air Conditioning to provide the ideal energy-efficient HVAC solution to the showroom featuring Panasonic’s triple split cassette system with nanoe™ X, which would work in tandem with a single split 7 kW unit. 


Motorpoint had been struggling to maintain a comfortable temperature year-round in their showroom in Chingford, finding that the store on Lea Valley Road became either too hot during the summer or too expensive to heat during the winter months. 

Solutions & Tech Applied

As well as customer comfort, health and safety were equally paramount when it came to choosing the nanoe™ system. nanoe™ X is a technology that collects invisible moisture in the air and applies a high voltage to it to produce “hydroxyl radicals contained in water”. Hydroxyl radicals inhibit the growth of pollutants such as certain bacteria and viruses. They are characterised by being strongly oxidative and highly reactive, hence a short life span. Contained in tiny water particles, nanoe™ X has a long lifespan and can spread over long distances. It has an inhibitory effect on both airborne and adhered substances with recent testing showing that nanoe™ X can inhibit certain types of bacteria and viruses, meaning the new HVAC system could help protect customers and staff alike whilst in the showroom.

Motorpoint fully approved the project, and the go-ahead was given for installation to begin ahead of the new-look store re-opening on April 12.

CSD Air Conditioning was brought in for the installation work by contractor Frank Adams and got to work on fitting the new system for the showroom. Carlo Scaramuzza, the owner of CSD, commented: “We had no issues at all with AMP Air during the project; everything went according to plan and was delivered on time. We were impressed by the quality of service and have no concerns whatsoever about the quality of the systems installed – everything was fully operational and had no technical faults. It ended up being one of the smoothest projects we have ever delivered – everything went according to plan during installation without a hitch.”

“Thanks to the Panasonic products provided by AMP, the finish on the project looks immaculate.”

Robert Jones, General Manager of Motorpoint Chingford, said: “We are extremely grateful to AMP Air and CSD Air Conditioning for their recent installation in our showroom. The new HVAC system has made a huge difference to our working environment and ensures that not only the team but also our customers, remain comfortable at all times – whatever the weather is outside.” 

Key Tech Features

Triple Split Cassette system and nanoe X

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