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About the scheme

Running during the UK government’s Green Homes Grant, the Panasonic Green Homes Cashback scheme could give you up to £600 cashback on your completed Aquarea installation when you replace your existing boiler or heat pump.

Cashback Scheme Steps

  1. Replace mains gas, LPG, electric or oil-fired boilers with an Aquarea Heat Pump or old heat pump*
  2. Meet the relevant criteria – CZ-TAW1** connection and Smart Cloud Activation
  3. Submit a cashback claim
  4. Along the way, ensure you take advantage of the government grants on offer if you are eligible.


Our scheme is open to private homeowners in the UK.

To be eligible for the scheme, you will need the following:

  • Replace mains gas, LPG, electric or oil-fired boilers with an Aquarea Heat Pump or old heat pump*
  • To complete your installation between 1 October 2020 and 30 June 2021 by a suitable Heat Pump Installer
  • CZ-TAW1** connection and Smart Cloud Activation
  • To have paid for your installation

*the heat pump must be 15 or more years old.

**HT units are not compatible with the CZ-TAW1 controller or cloud software, but units are still valid in the cashback scheme. Claims to be made without the Cloud Device ID information submitted.

Full terms and conditions available here

Green Homes Grant

Under the UK government’s Green Homes Grant, homeowners in England can apply for vouchers worth up to two thirds of the cost of upgrading the energy efficiency of their home. The Green Homes Grant will provide vouchers to install one or more energy saving measures, including air source heat pumps (where the home has, or is having installed, wall and loft insulation).

Under the grant conditions, homeowners are able to use an MCS certified contractor to carry out renewable energy efficient measures or low-carbon heating improvement in and around their homes. It is possible to use the Green Homes Grant vouchers to install an air source heat pump as a primary improvement measure.

For your heat pump project to be eligible you must use an MCS Certified Installer who is also registered with Trustmark.

Find out if you are eligible for the Green Homes Grant.

Find out what improvements you can get visit SimpleEnergyAdvice.

The Panasonic Green Homes Cashback scheme operates in the UK. You can submit a claim for cashback if you have replaced your boiler with an Aquarea heat pump satisfying the terms. The Panasonic Green Homes Cashback Scheme can be claimed regardless as to whether you have claimed for any other government incentives.They are two different schemes running at the same time.

Domestic RHI Scheme (dRHI)

The dRHI scheme is a further government financial incentive to promote the use of renewable heat whereby homeowners in the UK can receive a grant of over £12,000* for installing a Panasonic air source heat pump.

* Deemed demand 20,000kWh from EPC, installing WH-SXC09H3E5 on underfloor heating using 35°C flow, CPI of 1% (11/04/2018).

  • Payments will be made on a quarterly basis for seven years.
  • This payment will be based on the EPC deemed figure of energy required for the property (maximum total deemed figure to be used in calculation is 20,000kWh),
  • The scheme is Tax Free and index linked.
  • An MMSP (Metering and Monitoring Service Package) can be fitted, which offers an extra payment of £1610, 50% in the first year, balance paid over the 7 years.
  • Homeowners will need to provide evidence that the property is your main residence and that you have basic energy efficiency measures in place, such as 250mm of loft insulation and cavity wall insulation, where appropriate.
  • The Heat Pump installed and installers must be MCS certified (or certified by an equivalent scheme).
  • An EPC Assessment must be carried out on your home by Energy Assessor, and may be subject to a charge.

Click here for more information on the Domestic RHI Scheme

Potential savings

Property Type Space Heating Load (kWh) DHW Load (kWh) Total Load (kWh) Electrical Draw to generate Total Load (kWh) dRHI Payment First Year Full dRHI Payment over 7 Years** MMSP Panasonic Cashback Total Benefits (dRHI + Cashback)
2-Bed Bungalow 5500 2000 7500 2095 £586 £4333 £1610 £250 £6193
3-Bed Terrace 8000 2500 10500 2933 £821 £6066 £1610 £350 £8026
12000 3000 15000 4190 £1172 £8667 £1610 £350 £10627
5-Bed Detached 16500 3500 20000 5587 £1563 £11556 £1610 £600 £13766
*Using average SCoP 3.58 for Panasonic ASHP listed on MCS @ 45º flow temperature (
** Consumer Price Index 1.8% (2019) (

You can claim for both the Green Homes Grant and dRHI

Both the Green Homes Grant and dRHI can be claimed for a heat pump installation. However, the Green Homes Grant must be claimed first, followed by the dRHI. Ofgem must be notified that this has been used when the dRHI claim is made. The Green Homes Grant grant amount received will then be deducted from the dRHI payments.

Aquarea: Future-ready energy

Air source heat pumps are a cleaner, safer, cheaper, and an environmentally friendly alternative to other heating and hot water systems using fossil fuels such as gas, oil, or other electric heating systems.

Air source heat pumps:

  • Provide sustainable heating, cooling and hot water for your home
  • Reduce heating bills and maintenance costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Are simple to integrate into most heating systems
  • Are highly compatible with other energy efficient energy sources, e.g. solar panels
  • Are externally positioned, saving valuable internal living space

What is Aquarea Smart Cloud?

The most advanced heating control for today, and for the future. Aquarea can be connected to the Cloud with CZ-TAW1, enabling both the end user control and remote maintenance by service partners.

Benefits and Functions

  • Adjust the temperature of your home from anywhere via your mobile, tablet or laptop, on the go or from the comfort of your own home
  • Set daily, weekly or monthly timer for your heating and hot water requirements
  • Save on your energy bills with the holiday mode activation
  • Save energy usuage by creating up to two zones within your home and adjust the temperature seperately within each zone
  • Provides powerful energy usuage statistics by day/week/month
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Internet connection with router Wifi or wired LAN

How much Cashback will I get?

Switch to Panasonic and get up to £600

Based on air-to-water heat pump technology, Aquarea is highly efficient and an ideal choice for homeowners who are looking to reduce the carbon footprint of their homes.

The Aquarea range includes:

Aquarea High Performance

Aquarea T-Cap

Aquarea HT*

Click to compare models

The amount of cashback that you will receive depends on the capacity of the heat pump you have installed:

3-7 kW £250
9-12 kW £350
16 kW £600
Terms and Conditions

I want to find an installer

*HT units are not compatible with the CZ-TAW1 controller or cloud software, but units are still valid in the cashback scheme. Claims to be made without the Cloud Device ID information submitted.

Making a Claim

Once you have replaced your existing boiler or old heat pump with an Aquarea system, to make a claim, you will need:

  • Proof of purchase
  • *Photographic evidence of the installed outdoor unit and boiler it has replaced
  • Product code and serial number
  • Smart Cloud Device ID

*preferred but not mandatory

To submit a claim, register via the link below.