Panasonic Comfort Cloud 

Aquarea Smart Cloud is now Panasonic Comfort Cloud App, the IoT solution for your heating and cooling systems to help maximize comfort while managing energy consumption. 

The Panasonic Comfort Cloud App enables you to conveniently manage and monitor the Aquarea range of heating, cooling and hot water functions from just one mobile device. Also, energy monitoring is possible allowing opportunity to learn how to reduce the operating cost even more.

What’s Aquarea Smart Cloud?

What do you need to use Panasonic Comfort Cloud App with your Aquarea heat pump? 


Panasonic Aquarea heat pump (H series or later).

If you don't know the series of your Aquarea heat pump, just check the remote controller. If it looks like one of these two, your heat pump is compatible with the Aquarea Smart Cloud.


Connected Cloud adapter CZ-TAW1(B)

*If your Aquarea is integrated in a BMS project, this port might be already used.

Aquarea All in One or Bi‑bloc

The Adaptor can be near or inside the indoor unit.

Aquarea Mono‑bloc

The Adaptor should be inside the house.

If your adapter has any LED ON (not blinking), you can continue the process

If you don’t have the Cloud adapter or it is not connected, contact your trusted installer. 

If you don’t know who installed your Aquarea heat pump, we can help you find an installer.


In-house internet connection with router connection: Wireless or Wired LAN


Smartphone with internet connection


Your Panasonic ID

A Panasonic ID allows users to sign in Panasonic provided services. Once you create a Panasonic ID on a Panasonic service, you can access other Panasonic services that require Panasonic ID as well. You don’t need to create a new account for each service.

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Acces to Panasonic Comfort Cloud App

• Use your Panasonic ID to log in.


Register your Cloud adapter

From the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App: 

“Add new device Air to water heat pump” and follow the instructions.


Start using Panasonic Comfort Cloud App for Aquarea

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