3-Pipe ECOi EX MF3 Series

Simultaneous heating and cooling VRF system.

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The 3-Pipe ECOi EX MF3 Series offers the solution for the most demanding customers.

Simultaneous heating and cooling VRF System

The Panasonic 3-Pipe ECOi EX MF3 series offers the ideal solution to meet customer's demand.

Upgraded energy efficiency utilized ECOi EX technology.
· SEER / SCOP improved in full capacities from 8 to 16HP
· SEER / SCOP follows LOT21 from started from January 2018
· EER / COP is certified in Eurovent

Design flexibility.
· High reliability even under tough temperature condition
· Maximum 52 indoor units connectable
· Slim heat recovery box with just 200 height
· Farthest piping length between indoor units and outdoor units: 200

A. Excellent seasonal energy saving.
  1. SEER 3-Pipe ECOi EX MF3
  2. SCOP 3-Pipe ECOi EX MF3
  3. SEER / SCOP 3-Pipe ECOi MF2 (conventional model)

Extended design operation conditions

Cooling design operation conditions: The cooling operation range has been extended to -10°C ~ 52°C by changing the outdoor fan to an Inverter type.
Heating design operation conditions: Stable heating operation even with an outside air temperature of -20°C. The heating operation range has been extended to -20°C by use of a compressor with a high-pressure vessel.

Wide temperature setting range
Wired remote control heating temperature setting range is 16 to 30°C.

A. Cooling design operation conditions.
B. Heating design operation conditions.
* Cooling: Outside air temperature ˚C (DB). Heating: Outside air temperature ˚C ( WB).

Increased maximum number of connectable indoor units

Maximum 48HP with 52 indoor units can be set up according to user needs.
Connectable indoor/outdoor unit capacity ratio up to 150%.

A. System ( HP)
B. Connectable indoor units*: 150 %
*Depending on indoor units types. Please check service manuals.

Power suppression control for energy saving (Demand control) 1)

The 3-Pipe ECOi EX MF3 Series has a built-in demand function which uses the inverter characteristics. With this demand function, the power consumption can be set in three steps, and operation 2) at optimum performance is performed according to the setting and the power consumption. This function is useful to reduce the annual power consumption and to save electricity costs while maintaining comfort.

1) An outdoor Seri-Para I/O unit is required for demand input.
2) Setting is possible as 0% or in the range from 40 to 100% (in steps of 5%). At the time of shipping, setting has been done to the three steps of 0%, 70%, and 100%.

Slim 3-Pipe Control Box Kit / Multiple connection type

Heat Recovery Box to connect multiple indoor units with just one box, 4, 6 and up to 8 indoor units or groups.
The height is only 200mm. This is good advantage specially in hotel applications, where space for connecting several boxes is limited.

Individual control of multiple indoor units with solenoid valve kits.
· Any design and layout can be used in a single system.
· Cooling operation is possible up to an outdoor temperature of -10°C.

A. System structure.
B. Solenoid valve kit
  1. Cooling mode
  2. Heating mode
  3. Suction pipe (low temperature, low pressure gas pipe).
  4. Liquid pipe (medium temperature, medium pressure liquid pipe).
  5. Discharge pipe (high temperature, high pressure gas pipe).

A) type
B) port
C) pcs

Solenoid valve kit / wiring work

1. Current model / single connection type
2. New model / multiple connection type
A. Power supply
B. Multiple connection type. Solenoid valve kit
C. Control line. High Voltage: 6 wires. Included parts.
D. Control line. Low Voltage: 5 wires. Field supply.
E. Power line. Field supply.
3-Pipe PCB kit.
Separately purchased.
Parts included in HR3 kit.
Signal Relay Box.
Included accessory.
Parts included in HR3 kit.

3-Pipe ECOi EX MF3 Series Superior Flexibility

Increased piping lengths and design flexibility

Adaptable to various building types and sizes. Actual piping length: 200m. Maximum piping length: 500m.

  1. Maximum height difference between outdoor unit and indoor unit: 50m * (Max 90m) 2)
  2.  Maximum height difference between indoor units: 15m (Max 30m) **
  3. Farthest pipe length (from outdoor unit to farthest indoor unit) (equivalent length): 200m
  4. Maximum total pipe length: 500m
* 40m if the outdoor unit is below the indoor unit.
** Setting change is necessary. Please contact an authorized Panasonic dealer in the case of conditions below:
50 < Height difference between OU and IU ≤ 90 or 15 < Height difference between IUs ≤ 30.

Up to 40m piping after first branch

Up to 52 units can be connected to one system. Flexible piping layout makes it easier to design systems for locations such as train stations, airports, schools and hospitals.

  1. 3-Pipe ECOi EX MF3 Series
  2. Conventional models
  3. Max. 40m
  4. Max. 200m

Excellent cost saving and smaller piping size

By using R410A with low pressure loss, pipe sizes for discharge, suction and liquid are all reduced.
This makes it possible to aim for reduced piping space, improved workability at the site, and reduction of the piping material costs.

  1. Piping
  2. Discharge pipe
  3. Liquid pipe
  4. Suction pipe
  5. Insulation

High external static pressure on condensers

With a newly designed fan, fan guard, motor, and casing, new models can be custom-installed on-site to provide up to 80 Pa of external static pressure.
An air discharge duct prevents shortages of air circulation, allowing outdoor units to be installed on every floor of a building.

  1. High Static Pressure 80Pa

Fan motor and casing