Aquarea Heat Pump Line-Up

Panasonic Aquarea offers you solutions, helping to make the home more efficient and the installation cheaper and easier.

All in One system.
Bi-bloc system.
Mono-bloc system.
Control through smartphone, tablet or computer (optional).

Super High Efficiency cylinder (optional).
Fan coils for heating and cooling (optional).
Heat Recovery Ventilation + DHW Tank (optional).
Heat Pump + HIT Photovoltaic solar panel (optional).

Large range of Aquarea solutions

Aquarea High Performance

For new installations and low consumption homes.
Outstanding efficiency and energy savings with minimised CO2 emissions and minimum space. Improved performance with COPs up to 5,33 for J Generation 3 kW.

Aquarea T-CAP

For extremely low temperatures, refurbishment and innovation.
Ideal to ensure that the heating capacity is maintained even at very low temperatures. This line-up is able to maintain the heat pump output capacity until -20°C outdoor temperature without the help of an electrical booster heater.

Aquarea HT

For a house with old high-temperature radiators.
Ideal for retrofit: green energy source works with existing radiators. Aquarea HT Solution is the most appropriate, providing output water temperatures of 65°C even at outdoor temperatures as low as -15°C.