Aquarea HT

Aquarea HT can produce a flow temperature of 65°C making it the ideal high efficiency replacement for oil/gas boilers connected to high temperature radiators.

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Green energy source works with existing radiators.

The Aquarea HT (9 kW & 12 kW) allows you to replace your traditional heating source (such as oil or gas) while keeping the existing old style radiators for minimum disruption to the home.

Aquarea HT: High savings and low CO2.

The benefit of replacing a traditional heating systems with Aquarea HT are clear: Reduced CO2 emissions, future proofing running costs.
Panasonic heat pumps are much more efficient than fossil fueled boilers and help you to reach your house energy targets.

Yearly savings with Aquarea HT.

Running Costs* (Euro/Year)

Panasonic heat pump



* For a 170m² house and 40W/m² energy losses in central Europe Conditions, outside minimum conditions -10°C.

Smart Bivalent operation.

Using the Aquarea bivalent controller, it is now possible to combine different heat sources (boiler with heat pump) allowing to set up the system to operate in the most efficient way.

Heat Pump + Boiler with DHW cylinder controlled by the smart bivalent controller.

Easy installation.

Air source heat pumps are simple to install. They do not require a chimney, gas connection or oil/lpg tank. All that is required is a power supply connection.

Panasonic Aquarea HT is highly efficient even at low outdoor temperatures.

Heating Capacity (kW) of a 9kW HT (WH-SHF09F3E5).
Water at:
COP (Coefficient of Performance) of a 9 kW HT (WH-MHF09G3E5).
Water at:

Heating capacity of a 9 kW HT at 35°C flow.
Heating capacity of a 9 kW HT at 35°C flow.

The Aquarea HT range is easy to install and is available with nominal heat outputs of 9 kW or 12 kW. These can be either single or three phase, in both Bi-bloc and Mono-bloc versions.