Panasonic PACi with Water Heat Exchanger for chilled and hot water production

Introducing a highly-efficient Water Heat Exchanger for PACi Series.

This ground-breaking product provides further possibilities by adding hydronic options.

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Cost Saving Solution.

· A+++ Energy efficiency class (scale from A+++ to D)
· Cost effective water projects thanks to lower cost for PACi compared to VRF
· Reducing the amount of HFC refrigeration in the project


Flexible and space saving system.

· 2 installation possibilities (Wall-mounted / Floor-standing)
· Compact, lightweight unit design, only 27kg


Easy Installation, Maintenance.

· Quick mounting process
· Flow switch kit is included as a standard
· Direct access to electrical box
· Operation down to -20°C without glycol

Water outlet temperature

Cooling: 5 ~ 15°C

Heating: 35 ~ 55°C

Highly-efficient Water Heat Exchanger for PACi Series

System example.
a. Refrigerant piping.
b. External pump.
c. Buffer tank*.
d. Water piping.
e. Fan coil unit.
f. Underfloor.

* Minimum buffer tank volume: 10L/kW.
** Diagram is for illustrative purpose only.

Flexible and space saving system

Compact and light unit.
· Only 205mm depth fits within a limited space
· Lightweight design at only 27kg, makes it easy to maneuver and position
· Maximum total refrigerant piping length: 90m*

* 90m for PAW-200W5APAC-1.

2 installation options.
· Wall-mounted and floor-standing installation options are available. Free-up floor space by using the wall-mounted installation
· Quick mounting process with its lightweight compact design
Make fixing holes > Fix 2 screws > Hang the unit > Finish

* Support feet included.

PACi Water Heat Exchanger (WHE) is the ideal solution for residential and commercial applications; the investment costs can be amortised in a short period.

Quick installation with pre-assembled flow switch.
The flow switches come pre-assembled with pipe fittings for ease of installation.
Operation down to -20°C with no glycol as the heat exchanger is installed indoors.

Easy maintenance operation from two points of access

a. Removable lid for electrical installation.
b. Electrical Box.
c. Integrated Control display.
d. Rear differential pressure switch for BPHE safety.
e. Plate heat exchanger with optimized distributor for R32 refrigerant.
f. Antifreeze Sensor.
g. Completely removable metallic case: full access for maintenance.

Flexible cascade systems up to 600kW.

Built-in cascade control for 2 units.

The control of 2 refrigerant systems can be combined together in a cascade. This option is included in the standard scope of delivery on the WHE. It is activated using the one of the CZ-RTC5B remote controllers on the units as master. Rotation and Back-up operation modes can be selected.

a. System 1 | b. System 2 | c. Operation | d. Stand by | e. Power supply error or PCB error | f. Error
* One of built-in controllers should be deactivated.

Cascade systems with up to 3 groups of 8 units, reaching up to 600kW.

Optional PAW-PACR3 cascade controller allows up to three groups, with each group containing between 1-8 units, to be combined into a cascade for failure substitution or temperature assist.
· Maximum 3 groups (up to 8 units per group)
· Rotation
· Failure substitution
· Temperature assist
· Operation output signal
· Alarm output signal

Example: 3 x groups.
Maximum available capacity per group: 8 x 25kW = 200kW.
Total maximum available capacity: 3 x 200kW = 600kW.

a. Temperature sensor | b. Group 1 | c. Group 2 | d. Group 3

Foodchain/Small office application.

· Fulfilling R32 refrigerant needs to follow environmental perspective, Company policy
· Hydraulic system to reduce total amount of HFC refrigeration
· Water solution to substitute electric heating system

Residential/Commercial retail application.

· Water solution to substitute existing boiler system
· For heating projects with longer than 50m piping