Best Commercial Project

Commercial applications can often be demanding, with on-site restrictions, tight timelines, and high-performance requirements. With a high volume of traffic, heating, cooling, and hot water production requirements are of the upmost importance to create a comfortable environment, yet in an efficient manner.

Judges will seek the Best Commercial Project that puts forward solutions to provide outstanding performance year-round without a hitch and understanding the importance of connectivity to remotely control heating and cooling. Entries should be on behalf of an installer or developer who has installed the Panasonic systems in a commercial or industrial property, such as an office, business premises, server room, manufacturing facility or similar commercial space.

Criteria for Judging:

Commercial or industrial project

Commercial means Offices, Industrial, Factories, Banks and Finance Institutions, Schools, Public Buildings and other similar organisations – not shops or retail operations

Is the project new and innovative?

It is an eco-friendly / sustainable project?

Does it make significant energy savings?

Is it an example of good / best practice architecture?

Does it demonstrate good integration of Panasonic products?

The deadline for entries is November 15th 2021.