Best Retail Project

Retail projects encompass a wide variety, from shopping malls and supermarkets to convenience stores and forecourts, this category is wide. However, providing a comfortable and welcoming environment, in an energy efficient and practical manner is key in this industry. A retail environment must be welcoming to attract customers and encourage dwell time – design can be as important as performance - air conditioners should blend seamlessly into the setting whilst providing outstanding heating, cooling, and hot water production.

The Best Retail Project will judge the application that perfectly fits the requirements and ensures a positive retail experience for both customers and staff. Projects must showcase sustainable design, efficiency, cost effectiveness and aesthetics. Entries should be on behalf of an installer or developer who has installed the Panasonic heating and cooling systems in a retail outlet or chain of retail outlets.

Criteria for Judging:

Retail application

Retail means Shops, Boutiques, Supermarkets, Shopping Centres and Malls and other Retail Outlets

Is the project new and innovative?

It is an eco-friendly / sustainable project?

Does it make significant energy savings?

Is it an example of good / best practice architecture?

Does it demonstrate good integration of Panasonic products?

The deadline for entries is November 15th 2021.