Free Multi - TZ super-compact

Wall-mounted TZ super-compact

Compact and elegant design with only 779mm wide.
The perfect air conditioner for the smallest spaces in your home (including the limited space above a door). With PM2.5 filter and built-in Wi-Fi.

The air conditioning connects with the future


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Free Multi - TZ super-compact
2.0 kW
Cooling capacity (Nominal) kW 2
Heating capacity (Nominal) kW 2,7
Indoor dimension (Height) mm 290
Indoor net weight kg 8

1)The sound pressure of the indoor unit shows the value measured of a position 1m in front of the main body and 0,8m below the unit. The sound pressure is measured in accordance with JISC9612. Q-Lo: Quiet mode. Lo: The lowest set fan speed.

Heating capacity for 3,5kW model in combination with Free Multi outdoor units except with CU-2Z35TBE. In this case, the heating capacity is 4,20kW.

* Tentative data.