Free Multi - Floor console

Floor console. Efficient comfort and clean air all year round

Floor console with new nanoe™ X technology: comfort (Super Quiet technology only 20dB(A)) and better air quality combined in a breakthrough design.

Bringing nature’s balance indoors

The air conditioning connects with the future


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Free Multi - Floor console
3.5 kW
Cooling capacity (Nominal) kW 3,5
Heating capacity (Nominal) kW 4,5
Indoor dimension (Height) mm 600
Indoor net weight kg 13

1) The sound pressure of the units shows the value measured of a position 1m in front of the main body and 1m above floor. The sound pressure is measured in accordance with JISC9612. Q-Lo: Quiet mode. Lo: The lowest set fan speed.

Heating capacity for 3,5kW model in combination with Free Multi outdoor units except with CU-2Z35TBE. In this case, the heating capacity is 4,20kW.

* Compatible only with 2 ports R32 outdoor CU-2Z35TBE / CU-2Z41TBE / CU-2Z50TBE. Minimum quantity of connection: 2 indoor units. Floor console indoor unit is compatible with R410A outdoors with 3, 4 or 5 ports: CU-3E18PBE, CU-3E23SBE, CU-4E23PBE, CU-4E27PBE and CU-5E34PBE.