Enviro Conscious Scottish Couple Opt for Panasonic Aquarea L Series R290 heat pump.


Enviro Conscious Scottish Couple Opt for Panasonic Aquarea L Series R290 heat pump.


An energy and environmentally conscious Scottish couple opted to install the Panasonic Aquarea L Series Air to Water heat pump in their Scottish bungalow.

The new installation was completed with the Panasonic Smart Cloud control system which allows the couple to have total control of their heating and cooling. The heating system was installed by RDI Renewables, a Panasonic accredited Pro Partner in the Highlands.

The new Panasonic solution provides high water temperature as well as being connected to the existing indoor radiators throughout the bungalow.  The new Aquarea heat pump is integrated with solar PV roof panels to further enhance the energy efficiency of the home and minimising the environmental impact.

Homeowner, Mr. Vallance added, “We are very happy so far with our new Panasonic system and have already noticed a difference in the temperature of the hot water plus the water pressure is much higher, resulting in a more powerful shower. The new outdoor unit is quiet despite its powerful operation. We are looking forward to feeling the benefit of the new system this coming winter.”

Ryan Pollard, Managing Director of RDI Renewables commented, “I originally quoted for a Panasonic Aquarea J Series to help the homeowners save on costs. However, on a visit to my showroom, the couple really liked the aesthetic look and additional benefits that the new Aquarea L Series R290 units offered, and the low GWP of only 3 appealed to them.”

The new Aquarea L Series can provide an increased output water temperature of 75oC and therefore is an ideal retrofit solution to connect to existing radiators. The couple have also saved on indoor space as the new All-in-One unit is now housed in the garage and incorporates the hot water tank, freeing up the indoor hallway storage space.

The Smart Cloud system was easy to set up and allows the homeowners to monitor their energy usage.

The Panasonic team provided end to end support with specification, installation and commissioning of the Aquarea L series system.  Ryan explained, “the L Series new indoor units are much quicker and simpler to install as they are pre-plumbed with the DHW cylinder. The plumbing is housed in one unit.  We only needed an electrician for half the usual time, which can save project costs. We also found moving the unit into position was far simpler as the box shape is easier to manoeuvre than a large cylinder. The outdoor units are also much more attractive, lighter and easier to position.”

The new Panasonic Aquarea L Series offers unmatched efficiency and reliability in heating and cooling, whilst retaining the strengths of the Panasonic Aquarea range. The units are available in capacities of 5, 7 and 9kW. The L Series provides outstanding efficiency with a SCOP of up to 5.06, as well as benefitting from a reduced sound level, up to 8dB(A) lower than previous models. The All-in-One R290 unit has a hydraulic connection between the indoor and outdoor unit, providing water outlet temperatures of up to 75°C and down to -10°C. These units are ideal for retrofit applications, when renovating a home with existing radiators.  The Aquarea L series 5kW, 7 kW and 9 kW joins the J and K series in being DNO Connect and Notify, enabling simpler, quicker, and lower cost installation.