Panasonic drives towards Net-Zero


Panasonic is applying sustainable solutions beyond the operation of its products through various collaborative projects and partnerships. In alignment with governmental net-zero targets by 2050, Panasonic is implementing its Green Impact Plan, solidifying ambitious objectives to reduce CO emissions stemming from its business operations and logistics.

One example of the company’s commitment is its programme to incorporate more eco-friendly supply chain solutions; this can be seen in its UK logistics provider, PGV Global Logistics, and its drive to reduce transport emissions. Based in the Midlands, the company has invested in a fleet of 10 electric vehicles strategically deployed within its warehouse facilities and on the road. Its newest addition, an electric Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV), can be seen delivering Panasonic stock in overnight trunking operations across the Pallet-Track network and APC Overnight parcel network. Charged exclusively from solar-generated energy, this HGV epitomises both companies’ commitment to harnessing renewable resources for a cleaner, greener tomorrow. 

In addition, Panasonic has initiated this green transition by expanding its warehouse capacity nationwide. Its newest facility, an 80,000 sqft warehouse located in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, is fully operational for housing critical heating and cooling products and has a storage capacity of over 5000m3, expanding the capacity of its nationwide warehouses. Cutting down on mileage needed, the central base provides strategic access to the Midlands and the North of England, reducing transport emissions and prolonged delivery times.

The Panasonic Green Impact Plan includes a three-pillar framework that outlines the key objectives Panasonic will target on its Net-Zero journey. Panasonic is looking to build up a circular economy through environmentally friendly manufacturing and logistics, setting ambitious targets to convert all its 250 factories to Net-Zero operation and CO emissions by 2050. In its overarching goal to reduce CO emissions in society, Panasonic is pursuing Net-Zero CO emissions in all its operating companies by 2030.

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