Luxury 5 Star Hotel & Spa benefits from Panasonic AC with nanoe X


The award-winning, luxury 5 Star South Lodge Hotel and Spa, nestled in the West Sussex countryside, has recently installed an air conditioning system from Panasonic, fitted with nanoeTM X technology, serving 20 of its bespoke bedrooms in the Sussex Wing of the hotel.

The 19th Century South Lodge property, set in 93 acres of parkland in Lower Beeding in West Sussex, is part of the Exclusive Hotels group. This luxury 5 star country hotel and spa has 89 bedrooms with plans to expand over the coming years. The location has no gas connection and no previous ductwork for cooling. With the UK now facing rising hot summer heat waves, and the bedrooms in this wing all being south facing, its five star rating and celebrity guests expect ultimate comfort when visiting. Dan Wait, Manager of the Hotel added, “We were looking for an environmental, sustainable and unintrusive solution to heat and cool the 20 bespoke bedrooms in the Sussex wing of the hotel. It was also important that the indoor air quality and well-being of our visitors be considered.”


Terry Grayer, Managing Director of Grayer Services, specified the highly energy efficient Panasonic 5kW Paci split system. 19 rooms have the Panasonic adaptive ducted units and one on the upper roof area with a 60x60 compact cassette unit and all connected to individual outdoor R32 Paci 5kW condensing units and housed on the roof of the hotel. All the indoor units also benefit from Panasonic’s nanoeTM X generators to help improve the comfort and indoor environment plus each room has an individual controller to operate the heating and cooling function.


Bob Cannon, Maintenance Manager for South Lodge Hotel explained, “The main challenge of installing the units was working around a busy hotel and installing the new hidden ductwork inside the old 3ft thick walls of the hotel and into the ceilings – the team managed to install two rooms per week.”

The Adaptive Ducted Units come in a compact design for the ultimate space-saving solution, with a height of just 250mm and ranges in weight from 26kg to 42kg, making it well adapted for projects requiring a more discreet fit. Although small, the design still allows for a powerful 150 Pa External Static Pressure, and optimal airflow set-up is possible depending on ducting design and conditions.

In addition, the unit’s design permits a smooth airflow, which helps to achieve an incredibly low noise operation down to a market-leading 20dBA, whilst still maintaining powerful pressure and therefore resulting in quiet comfort for users. Smart sensors control Discharge Air Temperature for precise room temperature control and provide the possibility to reduce cold draughts during heating operation.

Terry Grayer further added, “We have used Panasonic units in previous projects and have always found them to be reliable and highly energy efficient, coupled with the fact that we needed a discreet design for the indoor units due to the internal ductwork in the high ceilings. The team was also delighted that the Panasonic units are fitted with the nanoe™ X generator as standard to help improve the indoor air quality – thus making an ideal solution for this project.”


Much of the Panasonic air conditioning range now come with nanoe™ X technology incorporated, which can help bring incredible benefits indoors so that hard surfaces, soft furnishings, and the indoor environment can be a cleaner and more pleasant place to be. nanoe™ X works independently from the heating and cooling operation of its units and uses minimal energy and requires no maintenance.  

Panasonic has been developing nanoeTM  since 2003. The technology is a cost-effective way to improve air hygiene by preventing the transmission of airborne pathogens. The nanoeTM X generator collects invisible moisture in the air and applies a high voltage to generate hydroxyl radicals in water. Hydroxyl radicals, abundant in nature, inhibit the growth of certain viruses, bacteria and allergens. Contained in tiny water particles, nanoe™ X generates particles that have a long lifespan and can spread over long distances.

Dan Wait added, “We are really pleased with the units so far and our customers seem happy with the additional comfort in their rooms.”

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