Panasonic are Finalists in the National ACR & Heat Pumps Awards 2020


Panasonic is pleased to announce they are finalists in two categories in the forthcoming and highly anticipated National ACR & Heat Pump Awards. The two categories Panasonic has been shortlisted for are; Heat Pump product with the highly energy efficient Panasonic Aquarea T-Cap, in addition to the ACR Product of the year with the innovative Panasonic GHP VRF GF3 series. The winners will be announced at a gala dinner in Manchester on 23rd January 2020 at the prestigious Midland Hotel.

The awards will be hosted by the face of Soccer Saturday, Jeff Stelling, and promises to be a fantastic ceremony that celebrates stand out achievements within the HVAC industry.

Tony Nielsen, UK Marketing Manager of Panasonic commented “We are delighted to be finalists in two categories in the National ACR & Heat Pump Awards for both Heat Pump Product and ACR Product. These awards are highly regarded within the industry that highlight the standards that must be met to create innovative and energy efficient solutions, this is a priority within Panasonic and becoming finalists confirms our dedication and performance within the industry.”

Panasonic GHP VRF Units

Panasonic’s new generation of Gas-powered Heat Pumps deliver simultaneous heating or cooling and domestic hot water (DHW) for commercial applications, for example hotels and apartments where constant high-volume supplies are crucial. The GHP GF3 series provides a host of attractive benefits which improve energy efficiency and seasonal performance, while contributing to significant energy savings for commercial buildings and facilities.

The Panasonic GHP GF3 units boast a heat exchanger that provides DHW in parallel to heating or cooling, by effectively capturing the waste heat generated by the engine during operation. This powerful heat exchanger means that the GF3 series can provide an impressive heating capacity of 100% and DHW at temperatures as low as -21°C without requiring a defrost process, optimising the system’s winter performance.

Panasonic Aquarea Air to Water T-Cap

Aimed at residential installations, the Panasonic Aquarea T-Cap is a single outdoor heat pump unit, generating the perfect temperature, producing hot water, in an easy, cost effective and environmentally friendly way, by transferring heat instead of generating it. It is among the technologies listed on the International Energy Agency (IEA), with the goal of reducing CO₂ emissions to half the levels emitted in 2005, by the year 2020.

These units have an extremely high efficiency, making it one of the most economical systems on the market. Up to 80% of the energy generated by the heat pump comes from the outside air, with electricity making up the remaining 20%, so not only is this an extremely cost-effective alternative, but it is also environmentally friendly. An air source heat pump is a great option to increase energy efficiency and can reduce overall energy bills by up to 60% (when compared to fossil fuel alternatives).

The Aquarea T-Cap unit captures ambient air from temperatures as low as -28°C, continuously heating the property, ensuring maximum comfort, and providing domestic hot water. Furthermore, the range is also far cleaner, safer, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than competing alternatives, which use mains gas, oil, LPG and other electrical systems.

Tony Nielsen further added “Panasonic products focus consistently on innovation, reliability, ecological respect and connectivity.”

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