Panasonic Enhances Home Extension with Year-Round Comfort


An extended three-storey family home in Northamptonshire has undergone a transformation of its climate control capabilities. Utilising Panasonic’s highly efficient three-way Etherea Multi-split system with nanoeTM X technology, the new solution provides both heating and cooling, with the added benefit of better Indoor Air Quality to the extended areas, allowing the family to maintain a comfortable living environment all year round.

Upon moving into the house eighteen months ago, Panasonic’s UK Head of Sales (Cooling Solutions), Mick Langford, came across a particular challenge. Although the previous owners had extended the property, the heating solution had not been extended with it. The new large open plan kitchen-diner space, with its expansive bi-fold doors, was left particularly susceptible to the cold, whilst the two new bedrooms in the loft conversion became unbearably hot - even on the mildest of summer days and very cold in the winter months.

Drawing on his expertise and knowledge of the industry, Mick recognised the need for a more flexible climate control solution that could address the high-temperature extremes. Additionally, the family wanted a system that seamlessly integrated with both the interior and exterior of the home, providing an aesthetically pleasing design. Mick opted for the Panasonic Etherea Triple-Split System, with three indoor fan coil units connecting to one single outdoor unit.

Mick explained, “Given that the solution was only required in a couple of rooms, we opted for a flexible air conditioning solution instead of extending the existing heating. I have confidence in Panasonic's solutions, and the Etherea units with their A+++ efficiency rating proved to be a superior, cost effective and more energy efficient choice compared to gas or electric heaters. Moreover, the system has the added benefit of providing cooling, making it a more versatile, all-in-one solution."

Mick utilised the Panasonic Design AR (augmented reality) software tool to visualise the indoor units within the home prior to installation. Using this tool, homeowners can easily see the units in their rooms, ensuring the units blend harmoniously with the interior decor and fit within the space required. Throughout the process, Mick collaborated closely with the installer to curate a design where the interconnecting pipework was neatly concealed.

The outdoor unit was strategically placed at the side of the house, with services running up the Gable end. The installer used a scaffold tower to reach the top of the house, over 10 meters high, connecting services from the loft conversion down to the kitchen-diner. The single powerful multi-split unit allowed for an aesthetically pleasing outdoor appearance, eliminating the need for multiple units stacked together and minimising space requirements in the rear courtyard area.

As well as delivering efficient heating and cooling, the system also features Panasonic's Mark 3 nanoeTM X technology. This technology harnesses 0H radicals naturally produced by the sun, combining them with moisture through the nanoeTM X generator. The resultant trillions of particles delivered through the air flow, helping to inhibit certain bacteria and viruses, as well as address allergens, pollen, and mould. Mick noted, "Both my son and my wife suffer from hay fever, and when the systems are in operation, the air is improved, resulting in reduced symptoms and better sleep for them."

Since the installation of the Panasonic Etherea units, the family has seen a significant improvement. Mick adds, "These units have been crucial in making these new spaces in our home more liveable. Dealing with both heating and cooling has been made reassuringly easy. This project has highlighted that there are more options for achieving year-round climate control in your home than just a standard heating system—definitely something I would recommend to those seeking comfort throughout the seasons."

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