Panasonic gives deep insights into SARS-CoV-2 third-party testing lab tests with its nanoe™ X


Panasonic opened its doors to share significant information and intelligence on the development of nanoe™ X, a technology that is helping to improve protection and inhibit the growth of certain viruses – including SARS CoV-2.  For the first time in the industry, two scientists from Texcell described and confirmed how they successfully tested Panasonic’s air conditioning model Etherea equipped with the latest nanoe™ X technology on the novel Coronavirus.

Hosted by Noémi Besedes, the conference bought together high-level company executives associated with the air purifying technology, including Akihito Hirohata from the inventor’s lab and Panasonic nanoe™ X R&D team, PLUS the independent scientists behind the recent test result of this breakthrough technology, Bruno Boisson and Luck Ty, both from Texcell.

Details of the Texcell lab tests

Both virus specialists from Texcell explained how the nanoe™ X device had not only removed the novel Coronavirus from a gauze in a 45l box, but also that using Panasonic’s Etherea air conditioning unit in a 6.7m3 realistic room-sized testing chamber  - they tested and proved that the nanoe™ X technology inside the air conditioner, releasing 4.8 billion hydroxyl radicals per second, inhibited the new Corona virus in 8 hours by more than 90% and in 24 hours by 99.78%.

nanoe X technology  - same as the natural ‘detergent of the atmosphere’

Uwe Sprengart from Panasonic Technical explained, “One of the key reasons that nanoe™ X is so effective is that the particles work within the air, but are also effective on surfaces and within fabrics. You just have to search for ‘hydroxyl radicals, detergent of the atmosphere’ and you will see several reputable sources, including NASA, referencing this.”

Proactive inhibition of bacteria and viruses

Another  the unique selling proposition for Panasonic air conditioners using nanoe X technology, according to Uwe is: "Air purification occurs outside of the air conditioning unit by actively propelling hydroxyl radicals into the room. This inhibits proactively certain bacteria, viruses and smells where they occur and doesn’t fight them only when being sucked into the aircon unit itself.

This is a different method compared to devices that neutralise air passing through the devices, and which require periodic filter cleaning to maintain the claimed properties.  He added, “The fact that these particles can then land on surfaces and penetrate textiles to reduce the odours, and inhibit bacteria, mould and certain viruses, is a game changer.”

More than 20 years of experience in air purification

Since researching on air cleansing in 1997 and the launch of nanoe™ technology in 2003, the technology has generated huge interest, headlines and debate. Akihito Hirohata from the Panasonic, R&D nanoeTM  X team provided some valuable historical context to the technology and how significant breakthroughs have maintained the forward momentum and positive progress along the way.

Business growth thanks to nanoe X

Enrique Vilamitjana, Managing Director, Panasonic Europe rounded up the event by outlining new business opportunities nanoe™ X is driving. His main point. “nanoe™ X is a key element in air conditioning sales increasing by almost 50%the models with this technology. He sees this trend continuing in both residential and commercial markets and across all the main regions in Europe.

Commercial applications with nanoe X to expand

Paul Aitchinson, Product Manager and Technical expert for Panasonic, outlined the expansion of Panasonic’s commercial product portfolio equipped with nanoe X. At the same time, it uses minimal energy and requires no maintenance, since the nanoe X particles are released even in “fan mode only” using only 25W of power. He  concluded by commenting, “nanoe™ X technology provides us with endless opportunities for different rooms and spaces, for a cleaner environment. We want our customers to challenge us. With different uses and potential applications, where we can investigate, test and optimise. The future is looking very bright for nanoe™ X technology.”

Panasonic is pleased to announce that a new, dedicated nanoe information hub website will be launching in early May which will provide lots of information and resources explaining more about nanoe X technology, its history and its benefits.


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