Panasonic launches new range of energy efficient air curtains


Normally situated at the entrance to a building, or openings between spaces conditioned at difference temperatures, air curtains can serve many purposes. By providing an evenly distributed air barrier, when doors are opened in heated buildings, heat is retained within a space- conversely, in summer when the doors are open, air conditioned buildings retain the cooling effect.

The new standard and jet-flow models are ideal for connection to a PACi or VRF systems and are relatively simple to install. Both are fitted with an EC fan motor for a smooth operation and efficient performance. This new fan guarantees 40% lower running cost than with a standard AC fan motor. With air curtains often running for 12 hours a day as a minimum, this can lead to considerable savings.

Available in different lengths to suit requirements between 1 and 2.5m, the air curtains have outlet grilles that can be adjusted to five different positions. In addition, the air filter can be accessed without the need for specialist tools. The standard model can be installed up to a height of 2.4m with the jet flow model allowing for installations up to 2.7m in height. .

“Frequently open doors are a common problem in commercial premises and can be very energy inefficient,” says Marc Diaz, UK Country Manager, Panasonic. “Our new range of air curtains can effectively prevent the heated or cooled air from leaving and help to improve the energy performance of the building. The unique EC fan motor makes the air curtain extremely efficient when running”.

Another key benefit for 2013 is that the standard and jet flow air curtains can be controlled via Panasonic’s range of remote internet controls. An app added to your tablet or smartphone or via the Internet allows you to control and manage the system remotely. There is also the option to integrate into the BMS by using other Panasonic interfaces.