Panasonic’s Aquarea K Generation All in One: T-CAP and High Performance Now Available


Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions is pleased to welcome the All in One units, available in T-CAP and High Performance, of its latest Aquarea K Generation heat pumps to market.

With reduced noise levels and enhanced comfort and efficiency, the new generation of Aquarea heat pumps offer extensive technological advancements whilst retaining the strengths of the Panasonic Aquarea range. Aquarea K Generation is a groundbreaking low-energy system for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production that delivers outstanding performance. The new units boast a compact indoor design and have an excellent SCOP of up to 5.12, providing outstanding efficiency and is ideal for new installations and well-insulated homes. K Generation units utilise R32 refrigeration. It retains the refrigerant connection between indoor and outdoor units and provides water outlet temperatures of up to 60°C even when outdoor temperatures are as low as -10°C.

The new heat pumps have been recognised in the 2022 Good Design Awards. As well as recognising the performance efficiencies of the units, the judges commended the outdoor unit's design which blends into the landscape and contributes to the improvement of the surrounding environment.

Panasonic’s Aquarea All in One Heat Pump is a compact, easy-to-install system with a footprint of 598 x 600mm. It can be neatly lined up with other big appliances like a refrigerator or washing machine to reduce the space required for installation. Thanks to its low height, it can also be installed with a ventilation unit on top. Supplying efficient heating, the unit generates domestic hot water and stores it inside a 185L stainless steel tank with U-Vacua™ insulation to reduce energy losses.


The Aquarea K Generation is now available in T-CAP ranges from 9 to 12kW single phase, designed to keep total capacity even at extremely cold outdoor temperatures, for both retrofit and new builds. The T-CAP line-up is excellent for replacing gas or oil boilers and for connecting to new underfloor heating, 

High Performance

Panasonic’s Aquarea K Generation All in One High Performance is available in capacities 3.2 to 9kW. It warms the home effectively and efficiently, even with extreme outdoor temperatures, as well as cools a space in summer and brings hot water all year-round. This solution is ideal for new installations and low consumption homes, offering outstanding efficiency and energy savings with minimised CO2 emissions.

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