ECOi-W AQUA-Z DC 150-380 C/H R32
Cooling capacity: 151,0 to 377,0kW.
Heating capacity: 154,0 to 384,0kW.

Air cooled chillers and heat pumps

  • Double circuit units with 4 scroll compressors
  • 2 versions: C (cooling only) and H (heat pump)
  • 3 different chassis
  • 10 sizes for C version and 13 sizes for H version
  • SEER up to 4,93 (STD AC) / 5,23 (STD EC)
  • SCOP up to 3,90 (STD AC) / 4,00 (STD EC)
  • 2 configurations: STD (standard) and HPF (high pressure fan)
  • 2 fan types: AC (standard fan) and EC (high efficiency fan)
  • 2 acoustic options: STD (standard) and S (super low noise)



Low GWP refrigerant

The range operates with R32. Thanks to a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 675, this refrigerant is 3 times less polluting than the standard R410A.
Compact units

The full range has been designed in 3 compact chassis to ensure the smallest possible footprint with an average ratio of 39 kW/m².
Efficiency and performance

ECOi-W AQUA-Z DC units benefit from excellent seasonal efficiency values.The range has been designed to run both circuits simultaneously for maximum capacity or operate only one circuit during periods of lower demand, improving energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption.The range operates in a large outside temperature envelope comprises between -14°C and +50°C.
Better control

New intelligent control logic for a more accurate management of the compressor envelope and new functionalities such as SG ready, reduced mode and improved variable speed pump logic. Possibility to connect up to 8 units with the Cascade control to boost the capacity up to 3.040 kW.

ECOi-W AQUA-Z DC 150-380

The ECOi-W AQUA-Z DC is an efficient solution that works with low GWP R32 refrigerant. The range is available in 10 sizes in cooling only version and in 13 sizes in reversible version with lots of customization options and accessories, ensuring the availability of a model for every installation. It is available in 3 different chassis: bended coil chassis from size 150 to 170 and 2 multi-V chassis from size 190 to 380.

Microchannel coils are available for sizes 190-380 (C version).
Fin&Tube coils (H version) are optimised to reduce the refrigerant charge thanks to a diameter of only 7,2mm. This allows a lower carbon footprint*.

Each unit is equipped with 2 refrigerant circuits that guarantee a high level of flexibility allowing continuous operation in the event of a circuit failure. The ECOi-W AQUA-Z DC is equipped with four scroll compressors. They are coupled fitted on rails and assembled together to form tandem compressors. The compressors are then mounted on rubber pads to eliminate vibration transmissions noise.
The ECOi-W AQUA-Z DC is available in both standard and super low noise versions. S version includes compressor jackets for sizes 150-170 and compressor box and jackets for sizes 190-380 to provide an additional level of noise reduction (max reduction of 5 dB(A) compared to STD version).
*Compared to a diameter of 9,52mm for standard R410A coils.