PACi and VRF control and connectivity

Controls and connectivities are the key to offer better comfort and price.

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Panasonic offers its customers cutting-edge technology, specially designed to ensure our air conditioning systems deliver optimal performance. You can properly manage the air conditioning and perform comprehensive monitoring and control, with all of the features the remote controller provides at home, from anywhere in the world thanks to the internet applications Panasonic has created for you.

Panasonic PACi, ECOi and ECO G protocol room controllers and Interfaces.

ECOi / PACi Indoor Units > 1 unit/group > Room controller
ECOi / PACi Indoor Units > 4 units/groups > Interfaces
PACi / ECOi / ECO G P-Link > 16 indoors > Interfaces
PACi / ECOi / ECO G P-Link > 64 indoors > Interfaces
PACi / ECOi / ECO G P-Link > 128 indoors > Interfaces
1) 16 groups of maximum 8 indoor units, in total maximum 64 indoor units.

PACi, ECOi and ECO G Connectivity.

The interface has been designed specifically for Panasonic and provides complete monitoring, control and full functionality of the line-up from IntesisHome, KNX, Modbus, BACnet and LonWorks installations.
This connectivity solution with “PAW” model names is made by a third party company, please contact Panasonic for more information.