2-Pipe ECO G GE3 Series

ECO G GE3 Series 2-Pipe.

The new GE3 Series has a top level of seasonal efficiency in this category. In addition, this product fits with special needs for commercial application thanks to DHW priority setting and Auto pump down functions.

  • 20% of SEER and 10% of SCOP have been improved
  • Operating range in heating up to 35°C
  • DHW priority setting
  • Auto pump down system available
  • Option of DX or chilled water for indoor heat exchange

SINGLE PHASE (Power to indoor)

  • 16 kW: U-16GE3E5 (Heating and Cooling)
  • 20 kW: U-20GE3E5 (Heating and Cooling)
  • 25 kW: U-25GE3E5 (Heating and Cooling)
  • 30 kW: U-30GE3E5 (Heating and Cooling)
  • 32 kW: U-16GE3E5 / U-16GE3E5 (Heating and Cooling)
  • 36 kW: U-16GE3E5 / U-20GE3E5 (Heating and Cooling)
  • 40 kW: U-20GE3E5 / U-20GE3E5 (Heating and Cooling)
  • 45 kW: U-20GE3E5 / U-25GE3E5 (Heating and Cooling)
  • 50 kW: U-25GE3E5 / U-25GE3E5 (Heating and Cooling)
  • 55 kW: U-25GE3E5 / U-30GE3E5 (Heating and Cooling)
  • 60 kW: U-30GE3E5 / U-30GE3E5 (Heating and Cooling)

You can find information and precautions relevant for installation and maintenance in the instruction manuals. You can find information relevant for disposal at end-of-life in the instruction manual.