Piping design

For bespoke projects: for use in coastal areas and other locations where sea air can easily cause salt damage to units. As well as the heat exchanger, various other parts are specially treated to provide exceptional durability.

Note: Using this unit does not completely eliminate the possibility of rust developing. For details concerning unit installation and maintenance, please consult with an authorized dealer.

D: Balance tubing
E: Max. 400 mm
F: For extension
G: T-joint tubing (header joint system)
H: Solenoid Valve Kit**
I: R410A distribution joint
J: Main piping length LM = LA + LB···
K: Main distribution pipes LC-LH are selected according to the capacity after the distribution joint.
L: Size of indoor unit connection piping 1-40 is determined by the connection piping size on the indoor units.
The outdoor connection main tubing (LO portion) is determined by the total capacity of the outdoor units that are connected to the tube ends.
M: Distribution joint (CZ, option)
N: Ball valve (BV, option)
O: T-joint (field supply)
P: Solidly welded shut (pinch weld)

Note: Do not use commercial T-pieces for the liquid pipes of and.

* Be sure to use R410A distribution joints for outdoor unit connections and piping branches.
** The connection between the indoor unit(s) and the solenoid valve kit(s) has three (3) types of methods. For further details, refer to the Section 2. 3-4. “Connecting Multiple Indoor Units to a Single Solenoid Valve Kit”.
L = Length, H = Height
1. If the longest tubing length (L1) exceeds 90 m (equivalent length), increase the sizes of the main tubes (LM) by 1 rank for the discharge tubes, suction tubes, and narrow tubes. (field supplied).
2. If the longest main tube length (LM) exceeds 50 m, increase the main tube size at the portion before 50 m by 1 rank for the suction tubes and discharge tubes. (field supplied). (For the portion that exceeds 50 m, set based on the main tube sizes (LA) listed in the table on the following page).
3. 24 HP - 30HP of high efficiency combination is 300 m.