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Ahu Connection Kit. 16, 28 and 56 kW for ECOi and GHP
New AHU Kits connect ECOi and ECO G systems to air handling unit systems, using the same refrigerant circuit as the VRF system.
Large connectivity possibilities mean the Panasonic AHU Kit can be easily integrated.
Application: Hotels, offices, server rooms or all large buildings where air quality control such as humidity control and fresh air and is needed.

6N series 2-Pipe ECOi outdoor unit shall be used for AHU connection KIT

  • 3 models for VRF system: 5 HP (PAW-160MAH2), 10 HP (PAW-280MAH2) and 20 HP (PAW-560MAH2)

With GHP outdoor units

  • One AHU kit may be used for one GHP unit (2 way, 56 kW). Multiple AHU kits cannot be used.
  • Mix connection with standard indoor units is not allowed.
  • Power specifi cations are single-phase 220 V to 240 V.
  • Maximum capacity: 60HP (168 kW)
  • Maximum piping length: 100 m (120 m equivalent)
  • Elevation difference (O_U~I_U): 50 m (O_U above)
  • Elevation difference (I_U~I_U): 4 m
  • In/Out capacity ratio: 50~100%
  • Maximum I_U number: 3 units*
  • Outdoor temperature range in Heating: -20 - 15°C
  • Available temperature range for the suction air at AHU Kit:
  • Cool: 18 - 32°C / Heat: 16 - 30°C

* To be simultaneous operation controlled by one remote controller sensor.

Informationen und Vorsichtsmaßnahmen für die Installation und Wartung sowie zur Entsorgung am Ende der Produktlebensdauer finden Sie in der Bedienungsanleitung.