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Indy Tharnvithian
Product Specialist – France

My career path at Panasonic started in the United Kingdom in January 2016, when I joined the Panasonic Heating and Cooling Solutions business as a technical specialist. The transparent career route and generous opportunities have shaped the path of my career and have provided me with invaluable skills including, resilience, persistence, drive, humility, teamwork, and leadership.

A few years ago, I took a technical lead role on the new R744 cold chain products launched in Europe. I have evolved in this role since, and moved to France in 2022 where I am currently working as a product specialist on the R744 cold chain refrigeration range. I love the constant new challenges that my role brings, especially working in a different country, exposing myself to different methodologies, and meeting new colleagues in the same company”.

Danae Yui
Service Planner - Germany

I started as an intern in the Market research team in Panasonic in 2016. After my internship, I joined Panasonic Consumer under European Distribution team. There I did not learn only about selective distribution channels and marketing strategies, but I was also able to develop different useful skills like resilience, adaptability and  humility. Furthermore, I got the chance to work in a very international environment which enriched me as more global citizen.

I consider that I am a very active learning person and Panasonic and its several Business units have supported this personal characteristic. Therefore, since April 2022 I changed to Panasonic Heating and Cooling Solutions under Technical Service Team. My current position as Service Planner in DACH region has already shown me a new Panasonic world. I was sure my innovative ideas and knowledge would contribute to the team and that motivated me to accept the challenge. I can see the direct impact that my daily tasks have on the optimization of processes for both internal and external teams”.

Simonetta Bravin
Area Sales Manager - Italy

My career at Panasonic began way back in March 1990 as “sales administration” in air conditioning field, where the market just started. Panasonic was very strong in consumer products, such as tv radio audio and white goods too, but unknown in air conditioning. At that time a lot of space was reserved for the great success of the founder Matsushita, with whom I shared in every form his principles and values, and that’s  why I have always worked with persistence, resilience, humility, patience and above all courtesy towards customers. 

I was very young and the company was very generous in the range of job opportunities to grow and as well as high responsibility and autonomy. My strength has been to always remain in the same sector, and after many years of sowing, finally today we are one of the most important companies in the heating and cooling market. My first secret in my career path was to never give up, adaptability, never-ending enthusiasm and great passion for my job”.

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