Our company culture


Autonomous Responsibility

At Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions we expect all employees to constantly strive for self-improvement. We believe in the autonomous responsibility of each person. Every employee should have the autonomy they need, to best fulfill their role. At the same time, it is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that the employee has the knowledge and tools they need.

Individual Development

We aim to support our employees in their development as best as we can, always keeping in mind the Panasonic core values. While we support the autonomous responsibility of each individual, it is the collective wisdom of the whole organization that makes us strive. We provide equal opportunities to all individuals for taking on challenges, according to their own unique characteristics and experiences.

Collaborative Environment

We believe that a safe working environment with open communication is essential for employees to feel secure and make the most of their abilities. Idea and knowledge sharing across all hierarchical levels and all functions is essential for our development as a company.

Ethical Business Practices

It is at the core of our business philosophy, that we want to develop products that contribute to society and help to improve people’s life quality. We do this by constantly improving the energy efficiency, supply chain practices, and production of our products.

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