Remote controller with Econavi

Easy to use, attractive, clear design, with new demand control functions and energy consumption display! This useful feature makes this remote control unique!


The new CZ-RTC5B wired remote control is ideal for integration into the most demanding interior architectures.
The touch panel features a very sleek and easy to use display, which with its compact display is only 120 x 120 x 16mm.

Key Functions

· Easy setup of the timer and settings of the indoor unit
· Energy consumption display (for all R32 PACi line-up)
· Limitation of the energy consumption (Demand control) by timer.

Display of information

The information is mainly based on pictograms to ensure easy understanding. The minimal amount of text is available in 6 languages (English / German / French / Spanish / Italian / Polish).
The screen is back lit to enable reading even during the night.

Easy Access to the menus
With the new pictograms, the navigation, the selection and the settings are simple and easy to follow.

Backup control by using

Group wiring of 2 systems of PACi can do auto individual control.
· Rotation operation
· Backup operation
· Support operation

A. System 1
B. System 2

Econavi Sensor

The all Econavi Sensor detects presence in the room, and quietly adapts the PACi or VRF air conditioning system in order to improve comfort and energy savings.

Key points

· Compatible with Cassette, Wall Mounted, Hide Away and Ceiling
· Improves efficiency
· Better Comfort
· Can be installed in the best place of the room for detection purposes


Saving Energy for Offices: if the air conditioning is left on after the last employee leaves the office, Econavi will automatically react, reducing or stopping the system.
Increased comfort in hotel rooms: when presence is detected in the room, the temperature is automatically adjusted to achieve best comfort.


Detects human activity and adjusts temperature by 2 degrees (up or down) to optimize comfort and efficiency


If there is no activity detected for a set time, the Econavi will stop the unit or move to a new temperature previously set


The Econavi device is installed independently of the indoor unit, and is located in the area best suited for detection

Providing outstanding energy-saving performance, Panasonic’s Inverter system can be connected to Econavi to detect when energy is being wasted. Econavi senses the presence or absence of people and the level of activity in each area of an office. When unnecessary heating or cooling is detected, indoor units are individually controlled to match office conditions for energy-saving operation.

Detection of the level of activity enables precise power saving

Presence or absence of people at their desks and the level of activity in the office are detected in real time. Set temperature is automatically adjusted to optimise the lower power consumption.

In the morning.
Thorough cooling when there is a high level of activity

In the afternoon.
Reduced cooling when there are fewer people

At night.
Automatic Thermo Off depending on conditions at the end of the day

Remote Econavi sensor allows optimum energy operation

Pillars, walls, cabinets and other fittings obstruct the sensor, reducing the area of detection and lowering the energy-saving effect. Taking into consideration blind spots, Panasonic enables the optimum layout for sensors in any office.

Sensor location image

Find more information about Datanavi here.