Panasonic has an impressive range of support services.

Design Tools

Panasonic provides bespoke software helping system designers, installers and dealers to very quickly design and size systems, create wiring diagrams and issue bills of quantities at the push of a button.

Aquarea Designer

This program allows HVAC designers, installers and distributors to identify the correct heat pump for a particular application from Panasonic’s Aquarea range, calculate the savings compared to other heat sources and very quickly calculate CO2 emissions. Using Panasonic’s Aquarea Designer, projects can be developed simply and easily. It allows the user to build up the project data in a simple step-by-step process and choose to output reports (in either Quick or Large formats) as HTML files or as print-outs.

Aquarea Designer also means saving. It allows the designer to show clients a comparison with other equipment options such as heating by conventional gas-fired boilers, oil systems, wood, standard electric heating and electric night storage heaters. 

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 VRF Designer

Panasonic has identified the importance of ever-increasing demands for fast and accurate responses to customer requests in our industry. More and more emphasis is being placed upon energy-efficiency in our marketplace. The ability to calculate cooling/heating loads and produce information of actual design conditions is a major advantage to any architect, consultant, contractor or end user.

Panasonic understands the time-poor and demanding industry we are in and we are pleased to announce the launch of the next generation of our system design software program. 

The Panasonic VRF Designer software has been customised to make the selection and design process as quick and easy as possible.

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CO2 Refrigeration Calculator

Panasonic has launched a new online calculator to support engineers, installers, and technicians to quickly make calculations when specifying  solutions for commercial refrigeration systems. The calculator can be found on Panasonic’s PRO Club.

·  Evaporation temperature selection

·  Cooling capacity calculator

·  Refrigerant pipe calculation

·  Electronic expansion valves calculation

·  Refrigerant amount calculation

Ready to works on all devices, computers, tablets and smartphones!!

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